Trendy Granite Floor Tile Patterns to Inspire Appreciation

Posted by Admin on 4/14/2019 to Guide for Granite Tile
Trendy Granite Floor Tile Patterns to Inspire Appreciation

For the sake of sheer beauty, hassle-free maintenance and impressive durability, Granite floor tile prove adequate in every way. In fact, Ryan Williams- a tiling professional serving in and around Keswick Street, US, states clearly:-

“Granite labels as one of the most preferable natural stone surfaces both for commercial and residential purposes alike. Installing them correctly not only lends in a fresh breath of refinement into your living space but also helps to augment your home resale value.

Furthermore, granite’s durability makes it outlast any other flooring option. They don’t warp or fade when exposed to the sun’s heat or excessive moisture. If anything, these natural stones can endure and regardless of the exposure still retain its sheen-look.”

Another interesting and appreciative aspect of granite floor tiles is they are very flexible. Whether you choose to install it in the hallway, living rooms, and bathrooms or scatter in across other parts of the house, they will look stunning in any existing décor.

Four trending patterns which you can use for your floor work


Kashmir White Granite is a predominantly white stone with a bright appearance. It looks neat and uniform from distance, but its real beauty comes out at a closer look. Buy our premium collection of Kashmir White Granite tiles online to give your space the modern yet serene look at the soonest with our prompt delivery all over the USA.


The most trending option in this list of popular granite tile floor patterns and with good reasons too. It comes in an eye-catchy vibrant dash of imperial red complemented with polished finishes and mini malistic variations. Its thickness is 3/8”, and it weighs approximately 6lbs. It is perfectly suitable for both home beautification projects and commercial renovations.


Its unique colour and texture make it perfect for entryways where visitors can see and admire. There’s a rustic charm about this particular tile, and truth be told, they would also look marvellous as your shower wall or your kitchen counter top. It has a polished finish with subtle variations and a smooth feel on touch. Thickness wise it is 3/8”, and its weight is approximately 6l bs.


Each tile is 3/8” thick, and its black galaxy texture makes it perfect for kitchen counter tops and even your living room canvas when matched with a different kind of granite tile flooring, off-course! This is tailor-designed to suit all decorative needs of residential and commercial establishments.

A lot of buzz has been regarding this specific tile design. And most of its purchasers have even presented it with a 4.7 star out of 5 for its appearance and functionality. Hence, this is another great option to possibly invest on.


Digging into its specifications, it measures 12” in both length and breadth. The weight of this tile is 2640l bs (per lot each 440 sq. ft). It comes with a polished finish and subtle yet impressive variations. Plus the overall tile patterns are also very eye-catchy. This will be perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and even washrooms which involve intense foot traffic and water exposure. The dark texture will add a contrasting character to those rooms, especially if it receives a lot of light.

To Cap It Off:

So, there you have it- four trendy granite floor tile textures to invest on for your looming project. The only thing left for you to do is to find out a distinguished granite tile supplier in your region, check for these options and purchase.

There will also be other fascinating textures and colour patterns which you will come across. So, be sure to check all of them prior to making any final decision.