Granite Tile Countertop Installation Without Grout Lines- A Knowledge Base

Posted by Admin on 4/5/2019 to Guide for Granite Tile
Granite Tile Countertop Installation Without Grout Lines- A Knowledge Base
Truth be told, a seamlessly fitted granite tile counter top (without the right colour, texture, and design) is wonderful to look at. And though it might appear like it has no grout to keep it in place, like in small tiles, a proper tile installation will require a secured layer of grout.

One popular trend which many homemakers are requesting their hired installers to do is get a granite countertop without visible grout lines.

Jason. M. Gregory- a tiling specialist states clearly-

Preparing granite tile countertops without grout lines (or with thinner grout lines) is achievable with proper planning, immaculate cutting and installing. But still, it doesn’t take away the fact that this is a risky process.

Process to install granite tile for counter top

Buy Quality Granite tile for Counter top

Before installing granite tile for counter top you need to buy quality granite tile for your counter top. It is quite easy to find it in market but it’s our personal advice always buy it from trusted dealer nearest to your market.

Begin with a Solid Base

You will need a sturdy base of plywood- probably 3/4th of an inch. This should be enough to withstand the weight of all those tiles and keep them fitted steadily. Keep in mind not to make it excessively bulky or heavy. Find a lightweight tile-backer and place it atop the plywood to prevent sealing problems or from errant cracking that can happen over time.

When installing the granite tile countertop; you should cut them from its frontal lip. It is one way to achieve a clean and smooth countertop appearance. Also, cut the tiles at a 45-degree metre to achieve one clean line at the countertop’s tip.

Proper Gauging With Appropriate Tools

Find out the exact number of tiles required by multiplying the countertop’s linear footage by 2.5. Ideally, most countertops have 24-inches of linear footage. So make sure to cover up the frontal lip of countertop.

Jason, further states:

“A 5-pound of unsanded grout and a 25-pound of thin-set mortar are required for the tile joints. Unsanded grout works best when dealing with small grout tiles 1/8th of an inch (or lesser). You will also need a fibreglass mesh tape, a putty knife, grout float, notched trowel approx. (1/4th of an inch) and margin trowel.

As for the cutting part, honing stone for softening edges and plastic spacers for supporting the backsplash tiles will be needed.”

While performing the installation, it is important to ensure no granite tile is cut an angle of 0.2mm to avoid an unaligned appearance. You can use epoxy for grouting the granite countertop in those overlooked tiny grout lines. For a seamless blend, use black-shaded epoxy for black granite, and white grout for light-shaded granite tiles.

Placing the Granite Tile Countertop

As the backing and the plywood are down and ready to be used, fit in the tiles, without them touching each other. Use the unsanded grout to seal the tiles, and then diagonally swipe to grout in- between each tile using the notched float.

Simply remove any extra grout left over using a damp sponge and allow it to dry off overnight. Then with the help of a soft towel give it a nice clean-up, till it gleams like it is supposed to.-without visible grout lines!

Final Words:

With the above details; you now seem to have a crystal clear idea about how to install a granite tile counter top without grout lines properly. Still, as stated before, this is a risky approach and should not be DIY-ed. The safer way would be to contact professionals who have done such installations before. Their first-hand experience will ensure the installation is done seamlessly.

So, be sure to summon these experts and speak to them about everything.