Porcelain slab for kitchen counter tops

Posted by Admin on 10/7/2020 to Guide for Porcelain tiles
Porcelain slab for kitchen counter tops

Porcelain is a china clay made ceramic material that is used for various purposes. What makes it different from other materials is its mineral content at high levels. Porcelain is resistant to any kind of stains, cracks, or heat.

There are two types of porcelains. One glazy and another unglazed. The glazed porcelain is more favorable because of its durability and higher resistance with a glamorous finish. The patterns and color variation that this material has are undoubtedly magnificent.

The reason porcelain is a better option for your kitchen counter top is, first of all, porcelain counter tops are the most sophisticated and elegant ones compared to the rest. Secondly, the durability of porcelain is the key fact that it is favoured for. And last but not the list, you can recycle this ceramic material after even a decade of usage because it is made 100% naturally.

Why Choose Porcelain Slab for Counter tops?

  • Heat resistance – Porcelain is the high heat resistance slab so it is the right choice for kitchen countertop and fire place area. 
  • High Durability and Hardness – Porcelain slab is the highly durable and harder slab compare to granite and marble slab. It is 30% harder slab then granite slab.  
  • Low Water Absorption – This is the good sign that porcelain slab is virtually impervious to water. It is approx. 0.5%. So compare to other stone porcelain is the low water absorption power.
  • Low Cost Maintenance - Porcelain slab have low maintenance cost because it is easy to keep clean. Also porcelain is non-porous and stain resistant so it has less probability to effects from dust and stain.
  • Porcelain is UV Light Resistance – It is the major advantage of porcelain slab that it is prolonged exposure to sunlight. Means the effects of UV Light on porcelain slab are negligible. 
  • Huge color and Pattern Choice – Porcelain have extra ordinary colour and pattern choices for your flooring needs because porcelain is the engineered stone.
  • Size and Shape - You may find all most all size which you are looking for like 12"x12", 12"x24",18"x18", 24"x24" and many more