Better option for kitchen counter top

Posted by Admin on 12/18/2019 to Flooring Guide
Better option for kitchen counter top

So you are here to pick the most suitable option for your kitchen counter top. To find the answer first understand the basics of construction method of a kitchen counter. Let’s divide the kitchen counter into two portions.

Vertical Part- This the bottom part of a kitchen cabinet. In most the cases this portion is divided according to customers need like fittings of steel racks to keep utensils or something else, to hide the pipe of sink fit in the counter slab, to hide the gas cylinder used for cooking or may be some other reasons. Proper space allocation as well as providing supportive strength to hold the top counter slab from bottom is purpose of these slab.

Slate tiles or kota tiles is the best option for this portion for the strength purpose. To maintain the homogeneous looks of a modular kitchen a single partition consists a middle portion made by slate and two outer part made by marble. Two piece of marble is attached with a mixture of cement and sand with the inner kota stone.

Horizontal Part- This is the kitchen counter slab. It is divided into two parts; first the bottom portion made of kota stone and the top portion made of Granite or Marble. Now, if you are perplexed to choose the one between granite or marble consider the factors mentioned below-

  • Colour- Always go for a deep shade because during cooking something may spill which leaves a stain. If you choose a dark colour you don’t have to wipe the stains very frequently. Majority of granite comes with deep shade than marble. So, Here Granite is better choice.
  • Maintenance- Marble requires a deep cleaning for its colour absorbing nature. So, if you pick granite it’ll take lesser cleaning time than marble. So, in this case granite is clear winner.
  • Cost- Price of granite and installation charges is lesser than marble. Costing wise granite is a better option.
  • Fragility- Something heavy can hand accidentally on the counter slab. So, stronger stone will survive more. A piece of marble is more fragile than a piece of granite. You should opt for granite considering the fragility factor.