Marble flooring Advantage and Disadvantage

Posted by Admin on 7/21/2019 to Guide for Marble Slab
Marble flooring Advantage and Disadvantage
In old days marble was only a choice for any flooring option but today there are 100+ options available in market for different purpose of flooring. So due to this, Customers getting confuse while selecting marble or any other natural stone from the market. Today I am coming with Marble and will try to give a better guide for choosing marble tiles or slab from the market.

Marble is fixing its first position due to high durability, hardness, easy of cleaning, sleek shine and elegance. It is a natural stone, so it's resistant, cracking and breaking strength are higher than other stone. That is the main region today designer always prefers marble tiles or slab for any flooring option. Marble is softer compare to granite so it is easy to shape and give an attractive design.
But it have also several disadvantage of marble flooring which you need to know while going select marble for your flooring option.

Advantages and disadvantages of marble flooring

  • High Durability – Marbles are highly durable stone and not only this, they can handle such roughness for a long span of time, for years together.
  • Hardness - is one of the most important factors for people to choose marble over any other natural stone. Its hardness makes it unique for use in a wide range of space and application. So it can withstand a wide range of pressure of foot traffic and other constant loading and unloading.
  • Ease of cleaning - Cleaning marble floor is always easier than other carpet or mosaic floor. Thus maintenance cost is low with marble tiles and flooring.
  • Versatility and increased home value - Today marbles are available in various patterns, veins and shades which make easy to choose the best marble tiles for customers according to their taste, space and need.
  • Multi Choice Colour – Today Marbles are available in 100+ clours, pattern, shape, size and design so you have options to choose one for your floor. No other natural stone are as elegant and as marble.
  • Marbles are very soft compare to all natural stone so it is always good to give a better shape and design.
  • Marble creates a significant shine to your interiors.
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Disadvantages of Marble Floor

  • Marbles are made of natural composition so it is quite difficult to find same pattern in market at the time of it replacement.
  • As we know Marbles are low heat resistance stone so its floor getting very cold in winter season. So it not suitable for cold regions.
  • Marbles are expensive compared to other natural stone.
  • Marble need high maintenance cost because it’s stained and scratched value is greater than other stone. Only a small spill of tea, coffee or mustard oil can ruin your brand-new floor.
  • As Marbles are soft so its high chance to cracking and chipping.
  • Installing Marble is very time consuming and need skilled labors for its installation.
  • Marble need regular cleaning activity to maintain its quality.
  • If you are using more iron content then marble is not good for your flooring because Marble becomes yellowish after absorbing iron after long period of time.
  • Marble floors are very slippery in wet so accidental falls are higher chance in marble flooring.
  • It is very difficult to change/replace marble flooring once installed, as the stone of same colour and design is hard to find after few years. You have to maintain some minimal stock while buying the marble tiles.

Question and Answer Regarding Marble Floor

is marble good for bathroom floors ?

Polished marble tiles can often get slick and slippery when wet. This makes them an unsuitable choice for bathroom and kitchen floor and flooring. Plus, polished marble tiles require lots of maintenance to keep it looking nice and shiny always. You may use unpolished marble instead.

is marble good for kitchen counter tops?

As I mansion above Marble need high maintenance cost because it’s stained and scratched value is greater than other stone. Only a small spill of tea, coffee or mustard oil can ruin your brand-new floor. So better to use granite instead of marble.

is marble good for bathroom counter tops ?

You may use good quality of marble for your bathroom counter top but we always suggest granite for counter top.

is marble good for bedroom?

Using marble tiles for the bedroom is the best way you can make your earth paradise look ethereal. Some of the factors that prove its credibility are, it is stain resistant so be it heat or any chemical, your flooring will remain undamaged; hassle-free maintenance, you do not need to make extra effort to clean your bedroom; durability, it will last longer than a century; and last but not the list, the magnificent ambience that it creates.

Is marble good for Stairs?

Yes ! but Always choose a finish or an anti-slip marble tiles for greater safety be it your indoor or out door stair.