Marble flooring tiles for Bedroom

Posted by Admin on 10/2/2020 to Guide for Marble Tiles
Marble flooring tiles for Bedroom

Beginning from the palaces and castles of the royal household to the countryside houses, it is not just because of a craze that marble tiles have gained so much attention but due to its durability, hardness, easy of cleaning, sleek shine and elegance.

As you know there are a lot of flooring ideas to choose from for your bedroom flooring like wooden and marble tiles flooring. Today people go for wooden tiles blindfolded getting attracted to its smooth matte look. But did you know, wooden flooring lasts for 10 years only? Whereas marble tiles can remain perfect for centuries.

Marble tiles is only a tiles that make your earth paradise look ethereal. Some of the factors that prove its credibility are, it is stain resistant so be it heat or any chemical, your flooring will remain undamaged; hassle-free maintenance, you do not need to make extra effort to clean your bedroom; durability, it will last longer than a century; and last but not the list, the magnificent ambience that it creates.

Why choose marble tiles for Bedroom?

  • Marble tiles are Highly durable  - Marble tiles are always a good choice for due to it's durability. It's eye-catching look always attract customers towards.
  • Ease of cleaning - There are two types of marbles are available in market, polished and unpolished and compare to unpolished marble, polished marbles are easy to clean. You may use both polished and unpolished marble tiles for bedroom. But be sure polished marble tiles can often get slick and slippery when wet so it may increase accident rate.
  • They Are Easy To Cut And Re-Shape:- The first real perk of opting for a marble tile counter top is that they can be easily cut and shaped as per your convenience.
  • Marble is always softer than say granite, and that makes it easy to produce vivid edge profiles. Some of the popular ones being Cove Bullnose, Stair Thread, Waterfall Edge, Chiseled, etc. The best part is that these premium edge cuts cost less in comparison to using granite.

Cost of Marble Tiles compare to other Tiles 

The cost of Marble tiles are depending upon size, width, colour and its pattern. It is not too expensive compare to slate, granite, onyx, Travertine, limestone and Porcelain but marble tiles require high maintenance, simply because they can often get stained and scratched with more use and excessive foot traffic. All these lead to certain additional expenses from other tiles.

Some of the best marble tiles for bedroom

There are the mingle of option for your next bedroom flooring but these are the best choice in marble tiles.
  • Calacatta Chiara Marble- This is one of the best and smart tiles in marble for bedroom and other flooring option. It is white marble tiles easily available in market in different size and shape 4"x12", 6"x12", 12"x12",12"x24". 
  • Carrara Marble Tiles- Carrara marble is named “Carrara” for its place of origin - the city of Carrara in the Massa and Carrara province, Italy. Carrara marble is a greyish-white type of marble especially used for sculpture and architectural decor. This is an other best and smart choice for bedroom and other flooring option.
  • Nero Black Marble Tiles - Black tiles are very famous amongst different regions and designers. This is because their minimalistic and natural style helps add to the entire feel of the particular room.
  • Breccia Oniciata Marble Tile - This is the best flooring tiles for both interior and exterior work including your bedroom, pathway, subway and other flooring option.
  • Empress Green Marble Tile - There are many variants of green marble tiles are available in market and all are rare variety of marble. It is commonly used for bedroom flooring and other decorations work. 

Where to buy Marble Tiles for Bedroom Flooring?

If you are looking for marble flooring tiles for your next project then follows these those key aspects when sorting out for best-in-class marble tiles for flooring your homes. Use them when sorting out your options and always make your purchase from a notable tile supplier nearest to your location. is running on same track and one of the trusted offline and online Stone Supplier in USA and primary located in Los Angeles. In 28 years of journey Marblewarehouse placed their business banner in all over the USA and earn the trust of our customers by providing the highest quality stone and customer support. Call at 1-888-977-8663 to know more