Best places to install black marble tiles

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Best places to install black marble tiles
Black marble tiles are very famous amongst different regions and designers. .As we know marble tiles have many advantage, it is very hard, durable and anti-water absorbent so you may use this tiles both interior and exterior applications like kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, staircase living room, subway pathway etc. In black marble tile there are three variant are available in market polished, smooth, honed and tumbled which you may use as per it's requirement. Here are some of the areas people choose to have black tiles in order to level up the environment of their space:

Best Places Where you may Install black marble tiles

Office Flooring

Adding black marble tiles to the room helps add to the professionalism in your workspace. It helps make the entire office look more authentic and classy. Offices having black marble tiles make a very good impression on the clients. This is because they view the workspace as reliable and very professional.

Bedroom Flooring

Bedrooms that have black tiles look very romantic and clean. It helps make the entire room light up with some life. It also oozes an aura of maturity and class. It looks very well kept, and the black tiles help make the bedroom look more intimate and welcoming.

Kitchen Flooring

Perhaps the most popular place black tiles are used is the kitchen. Having black tiles on the kitchen floor or counter helps make the house very classy. It also adds a touch of cleanliness and organised aura to the house.

Bathroom Flooring

Bathrooms with black tiles look very well kept. Black tiles help highlight the design of the bathroom. They also make the entire bathroom look larger and very sophisticated.

Hallways Flooring

Several large museums and other art places and industrial spaces have black tiles used in their hallways. This is because black tiles complement the furniture and the other accessories of the hallways very well. They also give a very inviting and gentle touch to the eyes of the people entering the hallway.

These are some of the places where black tiles are the most popularly used. They are very easy on the eyes, they look very classy, and they also help make the entire space look very modern. Several people that prefer the minimalist and modern style of offices and home spaces prefer black tiles to highlight their house designs.

FAQs for Black Marble Tiles and their answers

What are the cost of black marble tiles?

Compare to other marble tiles black marble tiles are expensive and it's costing is between 6 dollar to 10 dollar.

Are black marble flooring durable?

Yes! black marble are always durable and professional for any places like kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room of both commercial and residential property. 

Are black marble good for bathroom?

Yes! not only for bathroom black marbles are prefect shoot for bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room of both commercial and residential property.

What are the sizes of marble tiles?

There are different sizes of marble tiles are available in market like 12x12, 12x24,24x24,16x16 and 18x18.