Before You Install Slate Floor Tiles - Consider These Aspects!

Posted by Admin on 3/14/2019
Before You Install Slate Floor Tiles - Consider These Aspects!
For centuries slate tiles have been a popular choice for many homeowners. It comes with a fine-grained density which presents its water resistant and stains impervious qualities. Furthermore, slate floor tiles are also fired repellent, can withstand an impressive amount of foot traffic, and owing to its natural variation in design, colour and appearance; it gorgeously enhances numerous decorative styles.

Its most common sizes available in the market include 12x12, 16x16 and 24x24. Plus, they are also readily available in various colour variants like solid colour tiles, multi colour tiles and those having a specific colour note- like Red slate tiles indicating the presence of iron.

Variation also comes in the form of its texture with the most popular ones being Gauged Slate, Clefted Natural Slate, and Honed Slate.

Key Points to Remember Prior To Installation

It is, without doubt, a wonderful flooring tile option for both serene as well as high-trafficked areas of your home. But, before going ahead with its installation, it is important to go through these key considerations.

Always consider the amount of foot traffic, the climate, soil and moisture/water before selecting a slate tile. Also, purchase the tile as per the required area you are planning to tile.

Consider the substrate upon which you plan to fit the tiles, and the reason being the substrate will differ from the slate stone. Make sure it is flexible and solid much like plywood. If you have difficulty in finding out the right substrate, consult with quality slate tile flooring experts who perform tiling operations for a living. They will definitely help you with your dilemma. One suggestion, if you wish to install slate stone on wood, it is best to use exterior grade plywood.

Ensure that the floors get proper sealing. It helps to reduce staining on the tiles.

Make sure the chosen substrate is properly cleaned and dried before going ahead with your tile installation.

For grouting, wait for one-two days to allow the grout as the mortar to settle in properly. Never do it immediately.

Slate Tile Maintenance Tips

Despite its supernumerary of benefits of slate tiles, It comes with a few drawbacks. The fortunate thing is that each of them can be easily avoided.

• Slate floors can get cold in winters, thus making it difficult to walk bare-footed. This can be prevented by adding proper insulation.

• Slate floor tiles also tend to be slippery, depending on its polishing levels. So, be sure to not over-polish slate tiles and making the surface nearly impossible to walk on.

• Without proper upkeep, slate tile can also chip away. And though it happens on a very minor level, it will happen, in time. To mitigate such scratches; you should think of using floor protectors underneath your furniture legs.

Final Words:

Proper knowledge of each of these key considerations could prove very useful both before the installation and even after it. However, the key aspect here is that the good points of slate tiles far offsets its handful of drawbacks.

So, without procrastinating further, find a reliable and distinguished tile supplier and start picking the designs best suited for your floors and house decor. If you are lucky; you might even bag yourself attractive discounts from these quality suppliers.