Silent Features of Slate Tile Flooring

Posted by Admin on 2/12/2019
Silent Features of Slate Tile Flooring

Slate flooring tiles are the less expensive than granite and marble tile. Slate tiles have ability to bring unique and powerful beauty to your residential or commercial property. Its smooth texture and attractive look always attract used for various exterior and interior wall cladding, wall flooring and paving work. 

Owing to its hard wear and tear resistance it is equally weather and temperature resistant. But slate tile has also its drawback which is depends upon the environment where it is being installed. Here I am sharing few tips which will help you to choose quality slate tile.

Why Choose Slate Tiles For Flooring Work


Slate tiles have an inherent durability which makes it resistant to cracks, scratches, breaks, and chips. But it is slightly depends up on environment where it will install so you need maintain this tile by using few safety regular activity. If you follow regular activity than it will look great without having to be removed or replaced.

Smooth Texture

Slate tiles have a smooth texture and low absorption rates of water which save your floor from moisture during winter and rainy season. So it is a great choice as slate tiles will work well because of their ability to withstand dampness.

Multi-colour Choice

You can find multi-colour option to choose slate tile for your flooring work. Mostly Brazil slate tiles are best tile and having unique colour combination which attract you towards. This is enhanced by the fact that all features found in these materials are natural, and thus occur in unique ways across each individual piece. That means that every floor produced is a one of a kind work of earth-born artistry.


Compare to marble and granite tile, Slate tile is less expensive. It is does not mean low price have low value. It is considered to be a relatively upscale flooring material and its reflection comes out when you install it to a prefect place like kitchen and bathroom.


Due to any reason if your slate tile may damage in that case you need to replace that particular tile to maintain the surface perfection of the slate tile floor. But at that mean time it may chance to not find that colour and appearance so it is important thing is to make sure you hold extra tiles at the time of installing slate tile.

Radiant Heating Systems

Slate tiles are fire and acid resistant which makes it is a safe product to put in the home or for flooring work.


You can find multi-colour option in market at the time of choosing slate tile for flooring work. But it’s my personal advice to choose Brazilian slate tile for your floor because it is in best quality.


Few silent features of all natural slate tiles are not easy to describe in word so visit or store or call to know the feature of slate tiles or buy natural stone from our Store.