“Add Warmth & Texture to Your Floor with SLATE TILES”- 5 Pros

Posted by Admin on 3/7/2019 to Guide for slate Tiles
“Add Warmth & Texture to Your Floor with SLATE TILES”- 5 Pros
Stunning texture- Stain Resistant- Super Strong; there are endless reasons as to why you should think of getting your floors upgraded with natural slate.

This natural tile has the unique ability to make existing floors unique, welcoming, as well as, impressively durable to last for a fair length of time.

Digging Deeper:

Slate is a type of metamorphic rock that is derived from volcanic ash and clay. It’s irrefutably one of the most versatile natural stones at present.

Though they are primarily used as tiles for floors and walls, natural slate tile also serves utility in refurbishing tombstones, benches, roof shingles and exterior memorial structures.

Fun fact: In the 20th century, the slate was used for relay control, simply because this natural stone was also impervious to electricity and heat.

Satin Touch Floor surfaces With Natural Slate! – IT’S PROS

Its Inherent Durability: Natural Slate has inherent durability, and this proves to be its strongest quality. Even quality flooring experts consider it to be one of the strongest standard natural stone for flooring and wall décor.

Owing to its impressive strength, durability and resistibility, natural slate is rarely affected by cracks, breaks, chips and even scratches. Moreover; you don’t need to seal it frequently to safeguard it against stains. In lucid terms, the natural slate tile will present your floors a satin touch for decades, thus ridding you of the worry of removing or replacing them, if damaged.

Available in Innumerable Style and Shades:Natural slate tiles are also very versatile. And this is evident from its innumerable options available in the market. From solid shades to multi-coloured and textured; you will find no shortages of options for your wall and flooring decorations.

Again simply put- every piece of slate tile you browse will appear as if it’s earth-born artistry!

Adds Real Estate Value To Your Home: Natural slate is regarded as an upscale flooring material, and despite it being moderately high in price (to some other natural stones available), it plays a decisive role in boosting up the value of your home.

For this reason; you will find so many homeowners using natural slate for their kitchen and bathroom renovations.

Great for Radiating Heat: If you seek a great natural stone that helps transmit heat, then the natural slate tile is an apt option. It can serve as the perfect medium for under the surface coil radiant heat systems.

It is also a popular choice for sweltering summer regions where installing them results in cool and comfortable walking floors.

Beautiful Consistency: Lastly, natural slate is unlike any natural stone refined or quarried. With being stunning in looks, it also presents you with a rare consistency.

This means that if you have pre-planned floor/wall decorations using natural slate, then it could turn out to be a hassle-free operation- provided you take assistance from flooring professionals.

The Verdict!

So, if you are planning a full-fledged house renovation, be sure to find a reputed slate tile supplier and sort out the design and colour. And if you have questions, feel free to consult with those tile experts. They will help you find the right tiles for your up-approaching renovation project.