Why black Galaxy Granite tile for Smart flooring option?

Posted by Admin on 9/13/2019 to Guide for Granite Tile
Why black Galaxy Granite tile for Smart flooring option?
Black galaxy granite tile is one of the most popular granite tiles rightly because of its beauty as well as utility. Black Galaxy granite contains small gold or white flecks with a number of design motifs on a mostly black base granite tile.  It is this beautiful metallic flecks that act as the distinguishing factor of black galaxy granite. The flecks are mainly caused by the presence of bronzite. 

The cost of granite tiles varies with the presence of these flecks majorly Large grained, Medium grained and Small grained, with the large-grained being the most costly and desired variety.These flecks give a look of shining stars, hence the name galaxy. 

Along with its visual retreat black galaxy tile is extremely durable and finds usage in both slabs and tiles form. This to allow its use in creative and coordinated installations.

We at MarbleWarehouse provide black galaxy granite tiles in various shapes and sizes (12x12, 16x16, 18x18 and 24x24,) for installation at both interiors as well as exterior locations. Owing to its hardness, durability and low maintenance, the black galaxy tile is recommended for usage on counter-tops, accent walls cladding, floors, and others. It can withstand heavy traffic, stress and spillage without much deterioration in tile quality.

We at MarbleWarehouse supply the black galaxy granite tile all over the USA at an extremely affordable price, thanks to our direct partnership with the extracting agency.