Why Marble for Counter Top?

Posted by Admin on 4/26/2019 to Guide for Marble Slab
Why Marble for Counter Top?

Even though marble is not as popular as say granite, it offers subtle beauty and timeless elegance to any given space. And with its naturally exuding light, it proves as a great choice for counter tops.

Reasons to choose marble tile for Counter Top

They Are Easy To Cut And Re-Shape:- The first real perk of opting for a marble tile counter top is that they can be easily cut and shaped as per your convenience.

Marble is always softer than say granite, and that makes it easy to produce vivid edge profiles. Some of the popular ones being Cove Bullnose, Stair Thread, Waterfall Edge, Chiseled, etc. The best part is that these premium edge cuts cost less in comparison to using granite.

It Offers Impressive Durability:- Marble as a natural stone comes with impressive durability. They are resistant to scratches and usually last for a fair length of time.

In comparison to granite, marble counter tops require more maintenance, but that doesn’t mean it is any less tough than granite or other popular counter top materials. If you have questions about its durability, then just take a look at those ancient monuments, buildings and statues. They are a testimony of its strength.

Emits Natural Brightness:- Another impressive aspect of marble tile counter tops is that they emit a natural brightness. Its illumination will reflect light across the whole kitchen area, thus reducing your monthly electricity expenses.

Truth be told, if you have a small or space constraint kitchen, then adding a marble counter top is one way to make it look more spacious and classy.

Adds Warmth And Natural Elegance To Counter top:- The beauty of marble is that it comes in a wide range of colours and shades. Grey, black, rose and yellow are common picks amongst most homeowners. But many other options galore, only waiting to be picked for the counter top construction. If you are looking for a light shaded counter appearance, then a good option to choose for the counter top is White Carrara.

Lastly, They Are Great For Baking Purposes:- If you do a lot of baking, then another good reason to opt for marble counter tops is because they are great for baking chores. These counter tops usually stay cool and below the room temperature, and that makes it ideal when working with chocolates, pastries, dough and also ice-cream.

It is an amateur chef’s dream to have a marble counter top so that she/he can put their baking skills to the test.

Capping Off:-

These are few of the many good reasons why marble counter tops are so popular amongst countless homeowners. However, be sure to take help from qualified and experienced counter top specialists when choosing its design and during its installation.

Using their expertise, passion and knowledge about trending marble counter top designs, they will help you accomplish a dreamy kitchen decoration.

So, without wasting time, be sure to contact a distinguished expert backed by years of field experience. They are your best bet to getting the project done perfectly.

Special Guide about Marble Counter top Tiles

Marble Tile is a good choice for any flooring choice but it need high maintenance cost because it’s stained and scratched value is greater than other tiles. Only a small spill of tea, coffee or mustard oil can ruin your brand-new floor. Means you need extra care about your marble floor to maintain its real beauty, or you will need an address of right stone professional that refinish them on low amount of money. It is best to buy stone cleaning product in advance and use it when it required. It is our personal advice never use marble tile for kitchen floors and counter tops. Now open your choice and choose best stone for your floor.