Which is better marble or granite tile for Fireplace

Posted by Admin on 10/6/2019 to Guide for Granite Tile
Which is better marble or granite tile for Fireplace
If you are looking for best tiles for your new home fireplace then you may try both marble and granite tiles for it. Marble and granite tiles have several advantage which you may allow to choose it for your fireplace flooring option.

Why Marble Tiles For Fireplace

  • Marble is fire resistance and highly dense stone so it is less affected by heat So Marble tile is count as a better stone for fireplace
  • Marble is adding a classic beauty to any place so without any hesitation you may try marble tiles for your fire place flooring option. 
  • Colour choice is depending upon you may choose black, white, grey, green, red, and pink marble for fireplace flooring option.
  • It's maintenance quite easy and it is cost effective.
  • Marble is low expensive then Granite tiles

Why Granite Tiles For Fireplace

My personal opinion is towards granite tiles because granite is a strongest and most heat resistant tiles in all so it is the best tiles for fireplace flooring. Granite is highly durable and it is most favourite stone of Builders, decorators, and customers. Granite have unique combination of beauty, strength, and quality that has made it so reliable for years. You can find multi option in granite tiles for decorating and flooring residential or commercial property.  

Now choice is up to  you Granite and marble is the best choice for fireplace if you want buy granite or marble tiles then buy it from our own portal marblewarehouse.com