What is difference between Tiles, Flagstone and Slabs

Posted by Admin on 2/27/2019
What is difference between Tiles, Flagstone and Slabs

This is the common question arise in customers mind when they first heard about tiles, flags and slabs. They confuse but today I will resolve your confusion and share some overlap feature of tiles, slab and flags.

Tiles are the small peaches of a slab and it is structured in different size and shape. It is the smallest in size and not greater than 40-50 centimetre. It is also thin compare to slab and flag. Generally its thickness is less than a centimetre, but some are thicker. Tiles are easy to install in all flooring option and due to its small size and thickness compare to slab, it is available on low cost.

You can say slab is the integration of tiles. It is large in size and shape but quality is same compare to tile. Only size and shape are different from tile. Generally the standers size of slab piece can range from 3/4-inch to 3 inches thick.

Compare to tile Flags are bigger and thicker than tiles. Due to its hardness generally it is used for outdoors paving option. They are strong and enough to consider weight. Flags are habby in weight and it has no common shape so it is not easy to install.

Over all Tiles, Flags and Slabs are different to each other and have different purpose to use. So keep in mind while going to buy Tiles, Flags and Slabs must recall your purpose or call our expert for better guide.