Made in America Stones-

Posted by Admin on 3/13/2020
Made in America Stones-

It’s a well known factor that natural stones like-soapstone, quartz,  marble and granite are mostly quarried in Brazil and Italy but a less percentage of people realise that the America is also a leading producer of granite and marble. In 2017 more than 560 K tons of granite and over 54 K tons of marble were produced in quarries across the country. 

Texas, Massachusetts, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Georgia are leading granite producing sites of America. These granite quarries account for approximately 65% of the countries production. In 2016, natural stone was being produced at 274 quarries, in 32 states.

Demand Vs Supply of stones in America-

America, the worlds top consumer of natural stone including granite and marble, was ranked as 18th in the world for granite and marble production. The top producers beside America are China, India, and Turkey . In spite of that America  imports almost 90% of all the granite and marble used in residential construction.  

In addition to that, most of the stones are quarried in America has a plain Gray color that’s commonly used for structures or as paving materials.

Some important stone variants of America-

here are a number of good options for marble and granite counter tops produced in America, like- Cambria Quartz, Danby marbles ,Virginia Mist, Dakota Mahogany Granite , Augusta White Marble , Calacatta Lincoln Marble etc.