Is Silestone a better option than granite tiles for flooring?

Posted by Admin on 11/21/2019 to Guide for Granite Tile
Is Silestone a better option than granite tiles for flooring?

Silestone and granite show some sides of commonality and some sides of differences. In terms of the fabrication process, both adopt the same technique. The cutting and installation process is even quite similar. However, both substances differ a lot from each other in terms of material costs. Silestone is higher in terms of prices as compared to granite tiles. This is the reason why people prefer to install Silestone tiles for flooring rather than using granite.

Silestone Vs Granite tiles

However, there people belonging to elite classes prefer style and benefits above prices. Such people tend to shift their buying preferences towards granite. In general, Quartz is extremely expensive in itself. There is even a material difference between granite tiles and Silestone tiles. Granite can be cut into counter tops and used in personal spaces and commercial spaces for flooring.

Granite tiles can be used as backslashes. However, Silestone contains around 93 percent of granite. Quartz can be mixed and combined with epoxy resin as well as with coloured pigments to give a perfect finish. 

Maintenance of Granite and Silestone 

Even if we talk about maintenance factors, Quartz products i.e. Silestone made tiles are better. They require fewer maintenance costs and services. On the other hand, we would just feel tired by maintaining granite tiles. 

Granite tillers require sealing after a few years. This is a hectic job for a few people. However, if you are ready to consider advantages, then granite is equally useful. In terms of durability to Silestone is better. So it contains around 7 percent plastic only, so it is quite durable and it is very easy to scratch it. However, granite offers less stain which is again a very good point.

So the next time you consider using Silestone tiles or granite tiles, consider these points well. Even under extreme temperatures, you can expect granite to withstand temperature. This is indeed a very good side. Many people believe that granite is extremely durable. Here it wins over Silestone. In terms of looks, there are a lot of stains or blemishes on granite tiles, if you look carefully. On the other hand, have you ever noticed Silestone carefully?

They are extremely uniform in terms of their shape and pattern. You can use them on your home’s floors. You can give them a leather touch or a polished touch. There are several brands available in all business markets selling Silestone, and installing them as floor tiles. Based on these factors, it is our own decision to decide whether Silestone is better than granite or flooring or not.