How to Install Granite Tiles in Bathroom (Complete Guide)

Posted by Admin on 2/21/2021 to Guide for Granite Tile
How to Install Granite Tiles in Bathroom (Complete Guide)
This is a step-by-step complete guide for how to install granite tiles in the bathroom. You’ll learn about the complete granite tile installation process in an organized sequence. Make sure you follow the step-by-step sequence. 
We tried to cover all the information for installing granite tiles including leveling, marking, installing, laying tiles, and grouting. But it doesn’t mean we can’t miss anything. Always try to consult an expert professional tile installer before installing your granite tiles. 

Step by Step Guide for Installing Granite Tiles

Installing granite tiles in the bathroom is easier than you think. You just need proper equipment and planning. Here’re the steps of the whole granite tile installation process. 

Step 1: Checking the Surface

Surfaces should be clean and dry. Identify potential complications like moldings, trim and remove all the complications. Repair and level up if any uneven or damaged portions are seen. Make sure the surface is smooth and free from any disturbances that may interfere tile installation process. 

Step 2: Creating a Layout 

Laying out the whole workspace makes your job accurate and easy. Prepare a comprehensive layout by marking the centre point and surrounded zone. Use chalk lines for marking and make adjustments as required. 
For a large area, you can divide it into smaller sections to make your work manageable. But smaller sections must be lined with the center point accordingly.  

Step 3: Applying Adhesive

The next step is applying adhesive. The rule of thumb to use the adhesive within 30 minutes. Spread the adhesive coating on the surface and remove the excess adhesive by using a trowel. 
Now your surface is ready for setting granite tiles. The adhesive is an important factor for holding tiles in the space. Make sure you choose a trusted one to facilitate your granite tile installation

Step 4: Cutting Tiles 

You should be cautious about cutting your tiles. Use reliable equipment like a felt-tip pen, tile cutter, and rod saw to make a perfect measured cutting. 
After cutting your tiles finish the edges with a carborundum stone. Don’t let any edge remain sharp, make all the edges soft. There is an alternative option if you don't want to cut the tiles i.e buy relevant sizes (12”x12”, 18”x18”, 24”x24”, 12”x24”) of tiles. 

Step 5: Laying Tiles 

Now, after checking the surface, creating the layout, applying adhesive, and cutting the tiles, it’s time for real tile installation. Laying tiles is easy if the preparation steps are done properly. 
Use perfect mortar mixture for your tile installation and eliminate excess mortar. You can put spacers to ensure equal joint space between tiles. 
After laying tiles into a grid portion tap with a hammer so that all the tiles get proper bonding and plane leveling. Allow the tiles 24 hours to dry and set up completely.  

Step 6: Grouting 

Now, the last step is grouting the joints of tiles. Remove the tiles spacers and put grout into all the joints. Make sure you force the grout so that it can reach the maximum down a level. Clean the surface with a sponge and make the joints smooth. 
While the grouts get dried polish with soft tissues and rinse with clean water and sponge again if required. Leave your installed granite tiles at least 72 hours before using them. 

Final Words: 

Granite tiles can be installed in many places in your home like bathroom, kitchen, counter top and other places  to give your bathrooms a luxurious touch. Granite tiles are very durable, easy to clean, dirt-resistant, and very perfect for bathrooms. You can install granite tiles in counter tops, floors, or walls according to your choice and match them with other parts of the bathroom.