pink slate tile for outdoor walkway

Posted by Admin on 10/13/2019 to Guide for slate Tiles
pink slate tile for outdoor walkway

What is Indian Pink Slate Tile?

Indian Pink Slate Tiles are also known as the Kashmir Multi colour Slate. It is a grey coloured slate with the wavy designs of pink colour. It boosts up the decoration of our interior and also exterior because this is a natural stone and has a very smooth texture.

Purpose to use Pink Slate Tiles

Because the texture itself has a very beautiful combination of grey and pink generally it is used for outdoor flooring work like paving the street, wall covering, subway flooring and also building counter tops. It has awesome cleft finishing which is completely natural and generally the composition is a slate type.

What are the sizes available?

Generally, it is available with the size of pink slate tile 12 X 12 inches, 18 X 18 inches, 24 X 24 inches and 12 X 24 inches respectively. And the thickness is generally 3/8 inches. The weight of this type of slate tile is around 6 LBS and the area of one piece is around 1 square foot. 

Generally, these types of plates are used in commercial areas as well as residential areas and there are very few variants are available of this product. Mostly it is completely Indian product because these types of slate material are obtained in Indian ores.

Major specifications of Indian Pink Slate Tiles:

The major advantages of this type of slate tiles are as follows.

  • The look is nice because of the pink wavy texture and it adds very nice value to your interior. 
  • The colour and design are very much uncommon and that is why so many people are going for this tile
  • Pink slate home decor looks different than other types of interior.
  • It is affordable flooring option.
  • Low maintenance cost overall.