Will Sealing My Slate Tiles Alter Its Authentic Colour?

Posted by Admin on 3/31/2019 to Guide for slate Tiles
Will Sealing My Slate Tiles Alter Its Authentic Colour?

Available in gorgeous natural shades of green, blue, black, grey, brown and even rusty-red- slate tiles is Mother Nature’s one of the many gifts. Regardless of where, or in what existing interior space décor you install it, they will ever remain, a spectacle of beauty!

One requirement which you will have to do to maintain the natural sheen of these slate tiles is to get it sealed. But, strange enough, a number of homeowners tend to hesitate when it comes to this stage. Rather they mull over a crucial question:-

Will Sealing My Slate Tiles Alter Its Natural Colour?

Truth be told, this is entirely dependent on you.

The answer - there is a possibility that sealing will change the slate tile’s colour and texture- only not in the way you think! Sealing tends to enhance the colour and sheen of these tiles, and to achieve this glossy look; homeowners tend to opt for sealing treatments.

Another noteworthy fact is that different sealants have different effects on slate tiles.
  • If you want to retain the natural appearance of your slate floor tiles; you should opt for an impregnating sealant- preferably a water-based that seeps deep into your porous floor and soon disappears. You can even test this working theory by dropping a few drops of water on the slate tile surface to find how it beads up.
  • Contrarily, if you intend to brighten your slate tile colour and appearance, then you can always opt for an enhancing sealant to brighten its colour and make it appear more appealing than its natural chalky and dusty look.
  • A Topical glossy sealant is another good option to go for if you wish to improve the texture of your slate floor tiles. Both solvent and water-based sealants are available for usage and can make the slate tile surface more durable and long-lasting. But do make sure that the room is properly ventilated prior to the application or before using a respirator.
  • In addition, topical glossy sealants safeguard the tile from stains and moisture (perhaps better than the other two options aforementioned).

    So, it is clear now that sealing does alter the colour and texture of your slate floor tiles- be it blue, burgundy or green Slate tiles, only in a more appreciative way! From its bare state, it transforms these tiles into something more eye-pleasing.

    What you can do is contact trusted tile suppliers/specialists and consult with them about your preferred colour variations after sealing. Also, discuss with them about various sealants popularly used in the market; and also learn about what colour changes they will bring about.

    To get you started, some cool slate tile options to go for are as follows:

    Indian Autumn Cleft Slate Tiles, Ostrich Gray Slate Tiles, California Gold Cleft Slate Tiles, Brazilian Jade Green Cleft Slate tiles, Indian Multi Pink Cleft Slate Tiles, Indian French Vanilla Cleft Slate Tiles, Ostrich Gray Gauged Slate Tiles, etc.

    Feel free to look up these options and see which one fits into their flooring requirements appropriately. All of them are stunning in looks and quality tested for its durability and longevity.