Why blue granite is the best slab for counter top?

Posted by Admin on 6/20/2020 to Guide for Granite Tile
Why blue granite is the best slab for counter top?

Granite has always been a favourite of most for all counter top needs. But the current attentions of customers are shifting to a specific variety of granite- the blue granite. Blue granite is a precious variety of granite which is known for its exclusive colour, design, and pattern. This stone is heavily prized for its texture which is an outcome of minerals present in the stone. Generally, two varieties are noticed- veined (creating lines or swirls of contrasting colour) and homogeneous( having flat base with occasional uniformly distributed contrast collared structure). The exclusive design makes it a perfect stone to place at the most looked after area of your place.

We at marblewarehouse.com bring to you this exclusive stone from the far quarried zones of coastal Africa, Norway, Ukraine, and Brazil directly with no middlemen involved. The variety of Azul granite are the most sought after blue granite as they display a bold pattern that makes them way better than any other variety. Not just aesthetics, blue granite is a favourite for its strength and durability as well. It is can easily withstand any wear and tear and therefore serve well at places of heavy-duty like counter tops. Wait no more. Order it now at marblewarehouse.com to give your counter top a new look.

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