Why Homeowners Trust Limestone For Their Flooring?

Posted by Admin on 3/4/2019 to Limestone Guide
Why Homeowners Trust Limestone For Their Flooring?

A stunning natural option for a chic home atmosphere”- there are many reasons why limestone is preferred by so many homeowners.

Limestone is a natural stone created from sedimentary rocks and formed underneath the sea. They are pressurised, and that is what makes them so strong, durable, and yet porous!

If you apply limestone for your flooring renovation (with the right sealing done by tiling specialists’ off-course), this will prove to be a robust flooring option for high-trafficked parts of your house!  Another noteworthy fact about limestone is that they have this remarkable ability to pop up everything and catch the eyes of every admirer!

Simply put- it makes those busy areas of your home aesthetically pleasing and more welcoming!

WOW Aspects of Limestone as a Flooring Option!

•  “Impressively Resilient”

One of the strongest quality of limestone as a natural flooring option is its resilience. These natural tile stones are moderately soft to its touch. Plus, they are also very comfortable to walk on!

Furthermore, no matter how much foot-traffic it experiences on a daily basis, it will not lose its durability and continue to serve you as a quality flooring option.

•  “Resistant To Bacteria and Mould”

Limestone tiles are impervious to mould and bacterial formations on the surface. They also have impressive water resistibility. This makes them an apt option for your bathrooms, kitchens, and even outdoors around the pool or for the patio.

Furthermore, limestone tiles don’t get dirty too often. This makes it very easy for you to clean it up with normal sweeping and mopping with a non-harsh limestone cleaning solution.

However, do keep one thing in mind. Remember to re-seal it once a year to keep its structural integrity intact.

•  “Comes In a Variety of Colours, Shapes and Designs”

Another awesome thing about choosing limestone tiles for flooring is you will get it in a wide variety. Limestone flooring infuses a timeless beauty to wherever it is installed. This natural stone tile consists of earthy characteristics which present your interiors a modernistic makeover, but with a traditional feeling.

More good news is that you will not find any shortages of tile suppliers. Pick a reputed one and browse through their different limestone tile options. Be it a Jerusalem Gold Limestone Tile, Yellow Dream Limestone Honed or even a Porto Beige Honed Limestone; you will always find something unique for different sections of your house.

•  “Retains Its Structural Integrity for a Long-Stretch of Time”

One stellar spec of using limestone tiles for your flooring needs is they can last a very long time. They have a unique ability to retain its structural integrity and appearance. This bodes well for you, especially since you don’t need to worry about changing it in some years.

•  “Doesn’t Cost Outrageously High”

If you seek a gorgeous-natural flooring tile that doesn’t burn your pockets, then limestone is your pick. It can be installed both in high-trafficked areas as well as quiet spots of your house. And the likeable thing about it is that they will not just transform those spots into a specimen of appreciation, but will also save a lot of your cost!

Impressed…? Well; you should be!

So, without procrastinating further, contact a reliable limestone tile supplier and start sorting out what options will work best for you!