Which is better marble tiles or ceramic tiles

Posted by Admin on 7/11/2019 to Guide for Marble Tiles
Which is better marble tiles or ceramic tiles

As we know tiles are the thin shape of slab, it may be square or rectangle in different shape like 12"x12", 16"x16" or 24"x24" etc. Ceramic and marble tile is the popular tiles which are today in demand.

Ceramic tiles are the composition of sand, natural products, and clays. Sand makes it rough that is why ceramic tiles are best for high traffic area. The availability of ceramic tiles is both glazed and unglazed but glazed ceramic is the high in demand. Today ceramic tiles catch the US market and its demand is increasing day by day. In last 6 month we received 300+ inquiries for it and I analyse they don’t know about ceramic tiles that exactly what they are.

Marble tiles are the eye catching tiles which have high demand in market. As per study 60% home owner choose marble tile for his/her flooring option. As per me marble is relay a great choice for any flooring option but it need high maintenance cost because it’s stained and scratched value is greater than other tiles. Only a small spill of tea, coffee or mustard oil can ruin your brand-new floor. Means you need extra care about your marble floor to maintain its real beauty, or you will need an address of right stone professional that refinish them on low amount of money.

Pros and cons of marbles and Ceramic Tiles

Pros of Marble Tiles

  • The biggest advantage of the marble floor tile is that can instantly enhance the appearance of any location. It is a result of the load that is difficult to imitate. At the same time, there are several colors available in marble and even in multi-colors. They provide flexible options for various decoration schemes. Tiles can also be cut into rectangles and various triangular shapes for complex mosaic installations.

Cons of Marble Tiles

  • Although a stone, Marble is actually a relatively soft material that can be chipped under scratch, scraped and wrong conditions. This is especially true if the ingredients are smooth because the acids will be more concentrated on the smooth, flat solid page. Unfortunately, scratches cannot be easily repaired without replacing the damaged material.

Pros and cons of Ceramic Tiles

Pros of Ceramic Tiles

  • Glazed ceramic tile is highly water resistant, which helps protect and cleanup stains.
  • Available in wide ranges of colors, shapes, patterns, designs, shadows.
  • Ceramic tile can also help reduce your energy usage (and bills) by keeping your home cool in the summer. They add some insulating qualities to your home in winter.

Cons of Ceramic Tiles

  • They are unable to take heavy loads on their surface. Therefore, accidentally fall into an element in it and then the crack is likely to develop and the whole surface will look bad.
  • Defective tiles should be disconnected with dissolved lines, but in the process, the surrounding material may be damaged.