What is tiles and how it is different from slab?

Posted by Admin on 5/24/2019
What is tiles and how it is different from slab?

A tile is usually a thin object of square or rectangular. Tile is a built-in part of hard-wearing material that is used to cover ceramic, stone, metal, baked clay, even glass, which is usually covered with roofs, floors, walls, or other objects like tablets.

Alternatively, the tile sometimes refers to the same units made from lightweight materials such as perlite, wood and mineral wool, which are usually used for wall and ceiling applications. In other words, a tile is used to construct a construction tile or similar objects, such as rectangular counters (see tile-based play).

The word derives from the French word Tuile, which is derived from the Latin word, which means that the exterminated clay roof tile.Tiles are often formed in the wall and floor cover carpets, and can be complex or mosaic from complex square tiles. Tiles are often made of ceramic, usually shiny for internal use and many more for the roof, but other materials are usually used like glass, cork, concrete and other composite materials and stones. Tiling stones are usually marble, anime, granite or slate.

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How tiles are different from slab

Tiles are a slab's small peach and it is composed of various shapes and shapes. It is the smallest size and not more than 40-50 centi meters. It is slim and slim comparisons compared to flag. Usually its thickness is less than one centimeter, but some thick. Tiles are easy to install on all floor options and compared to its small size and thickness slab, it is available at low cost.

Slab is the Integration of tiles. It is bigger in size and shape but the quality is the same as the tiles. The size and shape differ only from the tile. Usually the slab size of the slab pieces can be 3/4-inches to 3 inches thick.While others are definitely not better than others, granite tiles and granite slabs offer different benefits depending on your use of your patrons at home. Granite slabs are made as a large, oceanic stone that is made in its shape and shape so that your house needs counter top.