What are Some Misconceptions about Slate Tiles?

Posted by Admin on 6/29/2019 to Guide for slate Tiles
What are Some Misconceptions about Slate Tiles?

Slate Floor tiles are an important part of any construction. So whether it is your residential house, a commercial space, a parking lot or any other place the choice of tiles is an important decision which needs to be made. With so many options available it may be quite confusing choosing the right one. Amongst the many options in terms of floor tiles, slate tiles are a popular option. 

However, it is seen that often many people have some misconceptions which need to be rectified. Let us look at some major ones. In fact, it is important to note that slate is a very versatile stone. This is what can elevate your construction project to a higher level. In fact, slate tiles are tiles which combine great durability along with very elegant looks as well.

Some misconceptions Regarding Slate Floor Tiles

Slate tiles are very expensive

Often it is seen that the main reason why many homeowners out rightly reject

It because many homeowners are of the impression that slate tiles are very expensive and beyond their affordability. This is absolutely not true. In fact, if you are considering the options in terms of floor tiles for your home you need to note that slate tiles are very affordable. In fact, you could have a wide range of options to meet your various budget requirements. In fact, owing to the great durability of slate tiles they offer a great return on your investment.

Slates tiles crack easily and are not durable

Apart from other misconceptions which homeowners usually have the one which is fairly common is that slate tiles are not durable and crack easily. You must know that a better way to install slate tile and material use for it. Besides the stone is sourced in the raw state, and with the right treatments and with the right underlayment it is most unlikely that the slate tiles would crack. In fact, they are very durable even under the extreme weight of heavy cars if it is to be used in flooring of the car parking lot.

Slate tiles involve high maintenance costs

It is not at all to think that slate tiles require a high level of maintenance to make it look the best. If it has been treated rightly, with proper finishing and in case it has been treated right it will not deteriorate even over time. Apart from this cleaning and maintaining slate tiles is easy and simple as it can be cleaned with mild soap, warm water, and a nonabrasive cloth.

Slate tiles become too cold during winter

It is true that owing to its natural thermal conductivity slate tiles might get a bit chilly during the cold winters. But you can use the same property to heat it under-floor heating or natural heat and through proper insulation.


To conclude we hope that we have been able to clear some of the common misconceptions which most homeowners have in regard to slate floor tiles.