We offer Travertine Tile at factory discount price

Posted by Admin on 10/1/2021 to Travertine Guide
We offer Travertine Tile at factory discount price
Travertine has long been regarded as one of the most popular types of stone for use in the construction of magnificent architectural developments that have stood the test of time. The Romans constructed the Colosseum mostly out of travertine mined out of Tivoli and Guidonia Montecelio in Italy.

Travertine tiles or pavers are increasingly being used in modern construction projects due to their proven durability and long-lasting beauty. This natural stone is so adaptable that it may be used both inside and outside of any structure. 

Travertine floor tile is mostly a high-end natural stone material that is suitable if you have a comfortable budget and want an elegant antique look fit for royalty. But, at MarbleWarehouse you will find a variety of travertine at pocket-friendly prices. 

Here is how we manage to do it:

We are a legacy seller with an industry-wide reputation.

With over 30 years of industry experience, we have established an unbreakable bond with our dealers and suppliers. Thus, we buy all the tiles at a much-discounted rate as compared to the others owing to our long relationship. 

As we get it at a much lower price we are able to provide you with factory discount rates, hence the prices at MarbleWarehouse are much lower than the average market prices. 

We source the best tiles from the most trusted quarries.

The amount of time we’ve spent in the industry has allowed us to recognize the most reputable performing quarries all around the world. This experience allows us to only approach factories that are the best in the region to bring you only the best that nature has to offer.

We import from factories overseas.

We want to provide our customers with the largest variety of options available. Quality is our topmost priority. To provide our customers with the best natural stone at the best prices we import the finest stones from all across the world, from the places that specialize in each stone. For example, Travertine from Italy, Marble from Greece and India, etc.

We visit the factories personally before dealing with them.

We verify our supply chain for all possible measures taken to improve the quality of products supplied. We vet factories for the class of machinery they use and only deal with factories that perform to our established standards.

We have efficient and trusted logistics.

Our longstanding business deals have provided us with the unique relationships required to forge an efficient and trusted supply chain with quality logistics services. This ensures you, the customer, never face delays or transit issues when you purchase stones from our catalogue. The experience remains seamless for everyone involved.

The travertine texture tiles are now seen as a viable high-end alternative to traditional stone materials such as marble and granite. Travertine tiles come in a variety of neutral and strong colours that go well with the 2021 modern eclectic designs. They have different porosities and densities which affect the final polished texture and feel of the stone. This allows for the stone to cater to a wide range of purposes and provide uniqueness within a cohesive theme.

MarbleWarehouse has a large selection of beige travertine at a very attractive price point. You can now get the classic antique look of travertine without burning a hole in your pocket.