Travertine or Marble Tiles, Which one is Better?

Posted by Soren on 1/9/2019
Travertine or Marble Tiles, Which one is Better?

Today there are two main luxurious category of natural stone one is marble and other is Travertine tile and mostly this is the primary choice of every designer So when we come to compare these two tile, It quite difficult to choose one. As a oldest stone dealer in USA and long runner on this track We must share our experience with you.
Travertine and Marble both derived from limestone and both have own pros and cons so let’s start understanding the difference between you to decide whether to buy marble or travertine tiles.  


Marble and Travertine stones are very similar to each other and are thereby often confused by most Customers. However, they do have some distinct differences and knowing these will help anyone easily distinguish the two varieties. Marble usually consists of hard veins which appear in various patterns and colors. With usually two colored veins with one displaying a streak and another serving as a background to it, marble has usually two colored vein structure. 
Solid white marble tile with black streaks running across it is common. However, marble also displays single colored veins at times. Secondly, Marble is known for its smooth texture and nearly polished finish. Colors like blue, black, gray, pink and green are common in marbles.

On the other hand Travertine tiles usually, display neutral and warm tones with more natural than marble. Such appearance makes it more compatible with numerous interior designs. Coming to stone quality, travertine is soft, and needs multiple sealant layers to be protected from debris. Unlike marbles, travertine appears in colors such as yellow, gold, beige and red. Unlike marble, which is almost always polished, travertine does not have a naturally polished finish. It as a more honed, saw cut or tumbled finished. Keeping these few distinguishing factors can help anyone pick the correct stone between the two.


Both Marble and travertine tiles are used for flooring residential or commercial floor but application is other for both. You may use marble tile for all flooring work but professionally marble tile is the preferred material for bathrooms, counter tops and even walls since it provides a very sharp and elegant look. In other hand Travertine is the best for in kitchens, ceilings and outdoors flooring work because its surface is rough compare to marble so it is less chance to slipping on it. Again Travertine is very simple to clean so designer always choose Travertine compare to Marble tile for Kitchen and outdoor flooring work. 

Costs for Marble and Travertine Tiles

Both marble and Travertine are quality material only it’s application is different so the price for both option is sleep. Natural Travertine tiles are more expensive compare to cultured marble but natural marble tile is more expensive than natural Travertine tile. So price is proportional with quality of both tile. Both marble and travertine are beautiful in looking and comfortable to walk on it and also easy to install it.

Which is the best for Bathroom?

Interestingly, both marble and travertine tiles are popularly used for bathroom flooring, walls, and countertops.  However, polished marbles aren’t such a good option as they tend to be slippery. Also, since marble absorbs water and stains very easily, they are an option subjected to homeowner’s preferences.

Travertine tiles usually come with a rough surface, which provides high friction bathroom floor to prevent slipping. It is why you may find travertine tiles and pavers installed by the pool. They are somewhat rough on bare feet, thus making it a much safer option in wet surfaces.

So, despite the awesome appeal of marble, rationally, they are not a wise choice for your bathroom. Plus, travertine costs less to marble, which makes it a suitable choice.