Travertine Floor Cleaning Tips

Posted by Admin on 7/15/2021 to Travertine Guide
Travertine Floor Cleaning Tips

Avoid these Mistakes While Cleaning Your Travertine Home Floor

If you decided to install travertine tiles in your bathroom, kitchen, basement, or mudroom, great choice! These amazing stones are very popular and suitable substance in many home renovation jobs, as it’s gorgeous, versatile, and durable when it comes to beautifying your decor. 

But you’ll need to follow a set of important guidelines to maintain your travertine home floor, when it comes to caring for your travertine tiles, you’ll need to avoid some mistakes. 
Here’s a list of top 8 DONT’S you should avoid while cleaning your travertine home floor. 

Don’t Make These Mistakes While Cleaning Your Travertine Home Floor

  • Don’t use chemical cleaning materials - Like marble and limestone, travertine is very responsive to acids, which means you can’t use any chemical cleaning materials to clean your travertine tiles flooring. You’ll need to avoid any chemical cleaner to keep your travertine flooring spotless.  
  • Don’t use a wet mop -Your first cleaning choice might be the wet mop, but for the travertine home floor, it’s a mistake. Wet mopping on your travertine home floor may result in damage to the stones, stains, and microbial growth that can cause discoloration. 
  • Don’t use a vacuum -You might be tempted to take out your vacuum cleaner while it’s time to the debris off the travertine home floor, but this is also a mistake. While it’s necessary to get rid of dirt, sand, or other gritty materials to prevent scratching, your vacuum cleaner may cause cracks if you’re not careful. Take out the broom instead. 
  • Don’t wait to clean up spills - Spills are part of daily life in most households, and while travertine tiles look gorgeous in areas prone to liquid spills, it’s very important to clean up spills before they get enough time to damage the travertine floor. As travertine stones are porous, letting the liquid absorbed into the stones may result in damages and discolorations. 
  • Don’t use any acidic substance - Like chemical cleaning materials, natural acidic substances are also harmful to travertine tiles. Don’t use lemon, vinegar, or orange to cleaning your travertine home floor. These acidic substances are very reactive with the travertine stones and may cause damage or staining on the floor. You can use hot water or only a reliable stone cleaner instead. 
  • Don’t sit or stand on travertine countertops - Don’t sit or stand on the travertine countertops. Unlike laminate countertops, travertines aren’t flexible. Therefore, too much weight in one space of travertine countertops may cause a crack.  
  • Don’t use a generic bathroom or grout cleaner - Don’t use generic bathroom cleaners that are used for all-purpose to clean bathroom, tub, grout, and tiles as these contain abrasives that may scratch and dull the travertine home floor. 
  • Don’t forget to seal - Applying sealer is an important step you shouldn’t forget when it comes to making sure your floor lasts. A thick layer applied on the travertine home floor every year or so will help you prevent scratches, spills, stains, and other types of damages. 

Final words 

These’re some examples of mistakes you should avoid while cleaning your travertine home floor. It’s a great idea to hire a professional stone cleaning service to get your travertine cleaning tasks done professionally. Explore SKILL N’TRADE professional services to choose your best fit professional.