Top 7 trending colors of Travertine tile

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Top 7 trending colors of Travertine tile
Travertine is a fascinating, flexible, and intricate natural stone. Its colors are organically found in nature, with a wide range of hues based on biological ingredients and local minerals. Surprisingly, most travertine tiles are rarely of one distinct hue; instead, they are linked with veins or brands of contrast throughout the stone. Walnut and honey tones, delicate ivory, silvery greens, and even rustic reds are all possibilities.

Travertine flooring is unquestionably a top choice for interior or outdoor projects, particularly if you're looking for a tile with distinct character and vintage style.

Here are the top 7 travertine tiles from Marblewarehouse.

Golden Travertine Tile 

Gold Travertine, like many other travertine kinds, is a one-of-a-kind material for the construction industry. It may be used in various applications and locales, making it a good choice for your projects and homes. 

Gold Travertine has a particular structure and appearance. It is suitable for both interior and exterior designing of the house. Gold Travertine is a very useful material for your buildings and projects since it has an aged appearance and comes in a variety of colors. Gold Travertine can be made in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to meet your project's needs. It's also utilized in various combinations to produce lovely harmonies.

Furthermore, Gold Travertine has an aged and hollow structure that gives the stone a highly authentic and natural appearance. At the same time, the travertine's structure produces a beautiful pattern for your homes and landscapes. Gold Travertine can also be used with a variety of different travertines and marbles due to its consistent appearance and structure. Gold Travertine also has a stable structure and can be used in your gardens for a long period. When used in gardens and parks, it creates a magnificent harmony with nature.

Walnut Travertine Tile

Walnut travertine is a distinctive Tuscan stone with dark colors and a compact structure that is always in great demand. These properties make it excellent for both indoor and outdoor uses, especially in high-traffic areas. To achieve specific geometries and light effects, it is frequently blended with other lighter-colored materials.

Because it exposes the numerous layers of calcium carbonate sedimentation, the dark and warm tones of Walnut travertine are considerably more noticeable when cut perpendicular to the grain.

Classico Travertine Tile 

One of the most well-known Italian travertines, originating primarily in Pianura Tiburtina, near Rome. Light beige and homogeneous sedimentary stone with fine texture and pores of various sizes is the uniqueness of this tile. 
This substance, which is antifreeze, may be utilized both inside and outside because of its great technical and mechanical features. It might even be used for non-slip surfaces like outside floors, swimming pools, and restrooms with the right finishings. It was frequently used for sculpture in Ancient Rome.

Cream Travertine Tile 

The Cream Travertine collection is a timeless classic that can be used both indoors and out. The opulent and refined vibe is enhanced by the creamy undertones and tumbled texture.
With a swirl of tans and creams, this magnificent travertine is the most suitable choice for travertine flooring, travertine wall tile, and travertine countertops. With this magnificent travertine collection, you may achieve great style and natural looks. Despite the presence of white-tinted colors and regular and small veins that make this stone valuable, the price of this travertine stone is quite inexpensive. 

Ivory Travertine Tile

These cool-toned natural stone pavers go with any home's fa├žade since they're the perfect neutral tint to go with any color, whether it's yellow, beige, blue, or brown.
Ivory pavers, on the other hand, appear extremely elegant in a modern patio. 

Ivory travertine is your best bet for making a good impression if you want a contemporary outdoor space where you may entertain friends and family members. The stone's cold tones go nicely with elegant accessories like outdoor fridges or stoves, and the pale color helps your pool water stand out.

Ivory pavers are a great choice if you want your driveway to be the main point in your front yard.

Grey Travertine Tile

Because of its unusual hue, tone, and textural diversity, Light Silver travertine (Grey Travertine) is a lot more appealing than others. This Grey Travertine collection provides instant refinement and understated elegance with its gorgeous silver, grey, and white blend. Gray Travertines with linear veins are the most popular today, as they complement the modern design schemes that are so prevalent.

Silver grey travertine has a distinct character due to its exquisite silver shadings quarried in the Kashan region of Iran. A wonderful mix of creams and autumn browns on a silver and grey background brings the signature swirling patterns to life. The concept behind these travertine tiles is to create a silky look in any bathroom, kitchen, or hallway.

Yellow Travertine Tile

Yellow Travertine is one of the most popular Persian Travertines in modern construction, and it is widely employed as a primary or decorative element. There are no other stones like Persian golden travertine in the world. The color and veins of Turkish yellow travertine and Spanish yellow travertine differ.

Azarshahr is located in Iran's East Azerbaijan region, southwest of the Sahand Mountains. This area is known for its vibrant travertines, such as Yellow Travertine and Red Travertine.

Yellow Travertine Tile is commonly used for the outside, walks, driveways, pool steps, outdoor staircases, outdoor fireplaces, pool decks, and bathrooms.

Features of these Travertine Tiles

  • All listed tiles are long-lasting.
  • No need regular maintenance.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Low water absorbent.
  • Easy and affordable installation cost.
  • Resistant to stains and scratches.
  • Affordable Compare to marble and granite tiles 
  • Best for high traffic area.
  • Not affected by chemical or acid spill.


These are the tops seven-colored travertine you will find at Marblewarehouse. But apart from that, you will find many other shades like red, brown, beige, etc. You can find them on our website; check it out at once!