Top 10 basic difference between porcelain and ceramic tiles

Posted by Admin on 1/22/2020 to Guide for Porcelain tiles
Top 10 basic difference between porcelain and ceramic tiles
We often get confused between the terms Porcelain and Ceramic because they are used interchangeably as if they were same. In this article I’ll try to explain the differences and similarities between porcelain and ceramic tiles depending on various parameters with their usage to get you some clarity.

Both tiles are made from a clay mixture that’s fired in a kiln, but porcelain is made from more refined clay and fired at fired at high temperature which makes it harder than ceramic. That is the main reason porcelain tiles also shoot for fire place

Porcelain Vs Ceramic Tiles

  1. Usage- Installing Porcelain and ceramic tiles in outside is not recommended. You can go for exterior porcelain tiles. But before you choose you must check it’s PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute) rating.
  2. Durability Life span- Porcelain tile is tough to break and it’s exceptionally hard makes it difficult to scratch or chip. On the other hand ceramic tile is brittle in nature. That’s why porcelain tile has an increased life span than ceramic tile. Porcelain Tiles are harder and impervious to moisture than ceramic tiles, so it’s considered as more durable and better for heavy usage than ceramic tiles. 
  3. Installation Charge- Porcelain Tiles are denser than ceramic tiles, so during installation porcelain is tougher cut than to cut ceramic tiles. To install ceramic tiles are easy to cut due to its brittle nature. So, porcelain installation is costlier than ceramic installation.
  4. Moisture Adoption- Ceramic tile has a water absorption of 0.5% which makes it ideal for high moisture area, such as shower, bathtub, pools etc. It holds up well to moisture.  
  5. Price- Generally Porcelain Tile is more expensive than ceramic tiles
  6. Water Resistance- Porcelain tiles are less porous than ceramic tiles making them highly liquid resistant. 
  7. Stain Resistance and Maintenance -Being dense in nature Porcelain is highly stain resistant which makes it one of the best tile flooring options for kitchen. You can easily wipe up spilled juice, coffee and other stannous substances which make it a low maintenance option. 
  8. Weight- Being denser and tougher material porcelain is heavier than ceramic.
  9. Natural Looks- It’s very much possible to choose an unglazed ceramic tile which gives you more natural feel and It’s one of the most diverse tile flooring options of complex design patterns which are unique. You have look of our wide range of natural looked unglazed ceramic tile at a very competitive market price.
  10. Grout Maintenance- For both porcelain and ceramic tiles you need to good grout installed between them and you will have to take steps to maintain that grout over the time by scrubbing the dirt accumulated over the time. It’s also advised to apply a good quality sealer to the grout every few year to prevent moisture penetration.
We can see that in spite of being similar in manufacturing process there are differences in Price, weight, looks and other parameters. If you are still confused on what to choose in between Porcelain and Ceramic tiles contact us<internal link4> today; our experienced representative will happy to help you.