Tips to maintain the quality of slate tiles

Posted by Admin on 5/15/2019
Tips to maintain the quality of slate tiles

Slate tiles are a popular choice for many homeowners due to its natural sheen and long-lasting beauty. They are metamorphic rocks composed of compressed mud, and when split into different layers; they are formed into decorative tiles.

They can be left in their organic state, honed or properly polished depending on your decorative requirements. And perhaps the most impressive thing about slate tiles is that they are very versatile enough to be used in any part of the house- mudroom floors or showers included.

However, being the owner of the house, it is your responsibility to take care of your slate tiles. This includes appropriate washing, caring and even sealing of the tiles to guarantee it lasts the distance.

This post will be discussing all about how to treat your slate tiles correctly. So, follow closely!

Best Ways to Care for Your Slate Tiles

  • Sealing It Once a Year:- Sealing is an important part of slate tile maintenance. Slate tiles are porous, and without sealant it will soak up liquids and moisture. The right thing to do would be to get it sealed appropriately with the help of a professional tile expert. It is an effective way to add more years to your slate tile surface.
  • Wiping Off The Spills Almost Immediately:- It is very important for you to wipe off any spills from the tile surface immediately. If not, then the moisture will seep inside the tile and damage it from within. It may also ruin the sealant, thus making it less durable. Note:- Always use mop with pH neutral cleansing solutions to wipe slate tile floors.
  • Never Drag Your Furniture Set When Shifting:- When shifting heavy furniture from one room to another, avoid dragging it. If not, then it could hamper the slate surface by chipping or scratching them. Better option is to carry them carefully to the next room. Furthermore, another thing you can do is add leg guards to the base of your furniture to prevent cracks or other damages to the tile surface.

What Else?

  • Never Make Use Of Abrasive Cleaning Equipment:- Another key aspect of slate tile care and upkeep is avoiding any use of abrasive cleaning equipment. Steel wool, rough sponges or any other rough cleaning tool can cause scratches and damage those perfect finishes.
  • Skip Using A Vacuum Cleaner Having A Beaten Bar:- While cleaning it check whether the beaten bar of the vacuum is turned on. If so, then turn it off. Doing so will prevent any scratch or wear from taking place on the surface. Furthermore, slate tile surface is smooth and hence you clean it easily without putting too much of an effort.


Over time; your slate tiles will reveal chalky scratches especially in high-traffic areas. However; fret not as you can remove those wretched looking scratches by cleaning it well using a mild detergent. Make it a point to use a soft cloth and apply some mineral oil to rub the area. Doing it repeatedly will make the scratches go away!Now you know all about proper slate tile care and maintenance. Use the details carefully as they will help keep your slate tile floors shining and gorgeous for years.