The Best and Popular Counter Top Tiles for Kitchen

Posted by Admin on 6/26/2019 to Flooring Guide
The Best and Popular Counter Top Tiles for Kitchen

Are you having a kitchen counter top which has become dull, scratched, stained and unattractive? The good news is that replacing it with the right counter top material is what can completely transform the overall looks of your kitchen. However, the options in terms of the materials and types which can be used for the same are many. So it may be a challenge selecting the same.

Choose the right Kitchen Counter top on your specific Priorities.

Quartz Tiles or Slab

The quartz tiles is a material which is ideal for a kitchen counter top. It mimics the looks of a stone top but at the same time requires much less maintenance. The great thing about it is that it is also available in plenty of bright and attractive colors as well. But one drawback is that the corners and edges at times may get chipped away in which case it might look a bit ugly and needs immediate repair in such circumstances.

Granite Tiles and Slab

When it comes to counter top or tabletop materials, another very popular and commonly used material is granite. The main advantage of using granite at kitchen counter tops is that they come in very unique and rare colors. This is what can give a great look to your counter top which can completely transform the look of your kitchen. Polished Matte finishes can to some extent guard against stains and scratches to some extent. However, in order to maintain granite counter tops, regular resealing is needed and thus a constant botheration and adds to maintenance costs.

Laminates Stone

If you are considering a relatively low-cost material for your counter tops then it is best to install the laminate counter tops. The other great thing about this material is that it is fairly easy to install as well. Besides now with the latest printing technology you could have the most attractive designs and colors printed as well for the most attractive looks of the counter tops too. Though durability is a question for laminates, in the long run, owing to the many benefits it offers laminate surfaces are very commonly used for counter tops at kitchens and other places.

Solid Surfacing

When it comes to materials for countertops the other option you have is the solid surfacing. This is available in a great variety of colors along with patterns and designs. In fact, apart from countertops, this is a material which is used for backlash and sinks as well. The great thing about using solid surfacing for countertops is that the joints made are hardly visible. This is what provides a seamless look to the countertops with the solid surfacing. However, durability is a problem since it cuts easily. Thus cutting boards are a must here.

Recycled Glass

This is another option in terms of countertops. It provides the countertops with a contemporary and fine look. It is also fairly resistant against cuts and scratches as well. However, the color of different brands may vary.

Slate For Kitchen Counter Top

Slate is also a great choice for kitchen counter top. It is rock material that is derived from volcanic ash and clay. It’s irrefutably one of the most versatile natural stones at present. Though they are primarily used as tiles for floors(Kitchen, Gallery, home, shop etc) and walls, natural slate tile also serves utility in refurbishing tombstones, benches, roof shingles and exterior memorial structures. Fun fact: In the 20th century, the slate was used for relay control, simply because this natural stone was also impervious to electricity and heat.
 Marble For Kitchen Counter Top
Marble Tile is a good choice for any flooring choice but not for kitchen because it need high maintenance and it’s stained and scratched value is greater than other tiles. Only a small spill of tea, coffee or mustard oil can ruin your brand-new floor. Means you need extra care about your marble floor tiles to maintain its real beauty, or you will need an address of right stone professional that refinish them on low amount of money. So we never guide our customer to buy marble floor tiles for kitchen.