Slate tile patterns for residential and commercial floors

Posted by Admin on 11/3/2019 to Guide for slate Tiles
Slate tile patterns for residential and commercial floors

Slate tiles are absolutely awesome in terms of variety, and you can create your personalised floor. It provides a huge range of styles, colours, sizes and shapes. The shape of the tile plays a vital role in the overall outcome of the floor. It is also a affordable flooring option.

Slate tiles mostly available in rectangle, square and hexagonal pastern and all pattern are used in both commercial and residential property.You may place these tiles in your bathroom, Kitchen, Living room, place of high traffic area, wall cladding and other flooring option. Here I am sharing the list of slate tile pattern which are available in your market.

Type of Slate Tile Pattern

Hexagonal pattern

Slate tiles with the hexagonal structure are currently having a huge influence in interior trends at the moment, both for walls and floors. The large-sized hexagonal slate tiles keep the area a little busier and pull out the entire look with a more rustic, charming style. You can also use the smaller white hexagonal slate tiles with white grey grout. It gives a fresh contemporary vibe to the area. The hexagonal slate tiles with Absolute Black integral patterns give a very pretty illusion.

Square pattern

These tiles are preferred by the majority of people as they are available in various sizes from small to large. Square slate tiles are comparatively easier to work with. Moreover, you can easily calculate the total number of tiles required and the total cost of the entire flooring. Same sized tiles for the bathroom wall and floor creates a streamlined look. You can add some pop to your bathroom by swapping colours in your bathroom accessories to create an unfussy and neat bathroom look.

The moderately sized square tiles can be precisely used for a counterbalance to the over-sized wall units. It gives some vintage and rustic charm to the modern décor theme.The square tiles are very much essential for the black and white chessboard themed floor. When the black and white tiles are placed in diagonals, then the room appears to look more capacious and broader than it actually is. ยท

Rectangular pattern,

The rectangular-shaped slate tiles are available in different sizes and patterns. Nowadays, subway tiles are used for the kitchen backsplashes or bathroom walls. However, some interior designers mix and match the subway tiles on the floors too.

Similarly, the large-sized rectangular tiles are excellent for enhancing the overall appearance of the room and make it appear more spacious than usual. These are also used for specifically spacious and linear living room. On the contrary, the small rectangular slate tiles make the room look and feel more cozy, compact and comfortable. Thin tile strips can be used for a mosaic-like design.

Sum up:

The slate tiles are very much in trend as they look amazing and give an absolutely flawless finish to your walls or floors as per the requirement. You need to understand the pattern to create the relatable personalised décor.