Slate tile countertops pros and cons

Posted by Admin on 4/3/2021 to Guide for slate Tiles
Slate tile countertops pros and cons

If you’re going to install slate tiles to your counter tops but you are confuse little bit that be it good decision or not then this guide will help you a lot. As per study Slate tile counter tops are very popular nowadays. People love to install slate tiles or slate slabs in counter tops in many areas of their homes like bathrooms, kitchens, wet bars, etc. Slate tiles can also be used in sinks and backsplashes.

Slate tile is popular for its great longevity, and luxurious look. In comparison to marble, granite, or concrete, slate tiles require less maintenance. Slate tile counter tops are easy to clean for its non-porous glossy surfaces.

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In this guide, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of slate tile countertops so that you can make a sensible decision for installing slate tiles in several countertops at your dream home.

Advantages of choosing Slate Tiles for Counter tops -

  • Slate tiles are very elegant. The shifting of coloration is very subtle and less in comparison to granite and marble. This feature helps your counter tops to have unique and elegance appearances. As long as slate is not as heavy as granite but have high longevity approx 200 years
  • Though the differences of slate tiles is not as obvious as marble or granite, there are a variety of color shades available in the market like grey, brown, black, charcoal, among some highlighted shades of green, red, blue, and more.
  • Unlike concrete, marble, and granite, slate tiles are non-porous and don’t absorb liquids. Slats are very much useful to produce home countertops that are easy to clean. As liquids can’t penetrate the surface of the slates, slate counter tops remain oil proof and stain proof.
  • The durability and toughness of slate tiles is very much suitable for kitchen and bathroom counter tops. It can withstand heat and won’t get scratched easily. Heat generating tools like hot pans, hair tools can’t easily mar the surface of slate counter tops.
  • Slate tiles or slabs are popular for its versatile usefulness. Slats can be installed in counter tops for bathrooms, kitchens, and also can be used in backsplashes, floors, sinks, and so on.
  • Finally, slate tiles or slat slabs are cost-effective compare to other options. The costing of slate counter tops range from $ 40 to $ 70 per square foot which is less expensive than other types of counter tops such as granite, marble, crushed glass, quartz, etc.

Disadvantages of Slate Tile Counter tops

  • Slate corners are slightly fragile and sharp. Some professional slate installers recommend to round off the slate corners to avoid injuries and crack.
  • In sense of stylish look, slate tiles are little bit depressed than other options. But slats are very suitable for multi color design schemes that cannot be obtained from other countertop options.

Final words

Compare to other types of countertops, slat countertops have the least disadvantages but the pros are much higher than cons in slat tile countertops. Slate countertops are beautiful, long lasting, cost effective, and easy to maintain.

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