Problems with slate floor tiles

Posted by Admin on 9/19/2019 to Guide for slate Tiles
Problems with slate floor tiles
No doubt! Slate is a smart choice for residential and commercial flooring option and regarding this we all are familiar. In our previous post we describe the smart features of slate tiles, quality of slate tiles, color of slate tiles and also list of countries which export slate tiles. 

So slate tiles have many advantage and disadvantage but apart from it many home owner love the slate tiles due to its professional look and texture. Here I am listing few drawbacks of slate tiles that push you back while going to install it. 

Disadvantage of Slate Tiles

  • Cost of Slate floor Tiles - The first disadvantage of slate floor tile is its cost. Compare to other tiles slate floor tile is low expense but if you buy a grade slate or natural slate tiles than it is more expensive compared to others. Installation cost gives and extra value to increase its price.
  • Maintenance – The installation maintenance of slate floor tile is quite difficult if you did not install it to prefer place. Installation place play a big role for maintenance of slate floor. So depending on location you must choose proper tile suitable for that location. Slate tile is the best for kitchen and bathroom.
  • Consistent - Slate tile have unique shape and one is other than others. So it is quite difficult to preplan for slate tile flooring.
  • Due to its Unique pattern is quite difficult to find same pattern in market. So it is our guide to store some extra tiles which will use in replacement cases...