Pocket friendly Bathroom remodelling ideas

Posted by Admin on 1/10/2020 to Flooring Guide
Pocket friendly Bathroom remodelling ideas

“Don’t Flush Your Money”

While thinking of remodelling your bathroom just keep in your mind that line mentioned above. There is a lot of buzz in modern real estate sector which is attracting the customers to upgrade their space like never before. With the widespread digital culture people can see various modern designs. So, they are trying to implement those fresh ideas in their own space. Along with that you have to restrict your spending. 

Our technical team has came up with these very smart ideas to remodel your bathroom in a pocket friendly budget mentioned below-

Great Ideas for bathroom remodelling

  1. Exact Plumbing- Don’t shift your previous plumbing lines. Because it might cost you a lot. Instead of that you can replace your old plumbing fixtures like shower head, faucet etc with new fancy options which will cost you very little compared to shifting your entire plumbing points. Spend money on these items. 
  2. Vanity Counter- Vanity is the central point of attraction of a bathroom. It’s an effective way to improve the looks of a counter top.  You can visit for some vanity top sized pieces of granite left over from a bigger job and mostly they will sell you with an attractive discount.
  3. Granite Alternatives- You can try high definition laminate, quartz, faux stone ceramic or porcelain tiles as affordable alternatives of imperfect granite for vanity counter top.
  4. Prefabricated-Shower- It’s more cost-effective to use pre-fabricated shower units than a site-built tiled shower. It also saves time and money since you won’t have to hire an expert to build a unit of tile from the start. 
  5. Resurface Your Tub- Removing your existing tub typically needs a lot of destruction to the bathroom, from the floor to the walls. Nevertheless, you can refurbish your current cast-iron tub to make it look new by changing its color. You can hire a pro for remodelling your old tub by replacing a new kaulk.
  6. Use Old Tiles- Ask your contractor to use your extra saved tiles from your previous project. It’ll save a considerable amount. 
  7. Green Touch- Touch up your bathroom walls or floors with a greenish look which will bring a sense of freshness in your space.
  8. Open Towel Rack- Fix an open towel rack instead of covered rack options. It’ll look less congested your bathroom.
  9. Brighten Tiles- Bathroom tiles lose their shine by daily usage, as well as exposure to scum, soap, water spots, dirt, and other environmental factors. Using some tiles cleaning products you can easily restore shine to your bathroom tiles and make it reclaim its exceptional look.  
  10. Mirror Makeovers-  You can try these experiments with your mirror 

               •  Paint or place some decorative molding around the edges of your bathroom mirror.

               •  Add frame along the sides of the mirror and by doing that you hide many imperfections as well as changing your mirror’s look.


Hope you have got a brief idea on remodelling your bathroom with burning your pocket. Let us know your budget friendly bathroom remodelling experience and for some exclusive designed tiles, grantees other related products visit our store