Places where we can use black slate tiles

Posted by Admin on 9/6/2019
Places where we can use black slate tiles
Slate tiles are one of the most durable and hard stones. The metamorphosis under huge pressure makes slate tiles extremely resistant and hard. Thus they can be used at any place which experiences more traffic. Black slate tiles are the most popular ones for counter top, bathroom, kitchen, hallway, gallery and other interior and exterior work.
You may also find the multi option in black slate tiles like absolute black, Burgundy black, Rustic Black, Montauk Black, Grey black and many more. It is available in different shape (Rectangle, Square, Hexagonal, Pavers and Octagonal), size and pattern. So today black slate tiles have gained popularity and are now being preferred for use at various places.

Best Places of Black Slate Tiles

  • Patios: Black slate gives a gorgeous look to your Patios so you may use black slate tile for Patios option. It is appropriate for it. So without any hesitation feel free to try these tile Patios for your outdoors. As per me you may use absolute black, multicolour slate, Montauk Black or Montauk blue slate for this space. 
  • Bathroom: Bathroom is the perfect place of black slate tiles because slate tiles are high slip-resistance and it will give and extra ordinary to your bathroom. You may use dark black, absolute black, Montauk Black or Montauk blue slate for this space. 
  • Hall way: Black slate tiles long with white tiles have gained high popularity as flooring stone due to its aesthetics as well as easy maintenance. You may use it for hallway flooring option.
  • Walls flooring: the easy installation and good durability black slate tiles have growing popularity for wall also. They are now being used as a corned patch or otherwise for making various wall designs. You may use multicolour slate, Jade green slate, Montauk Black or Montauk blue slate for this space.
  • Kitchen: Kitchen is the primary place of black slate tiles. You may use it for kitchen counter top, basin, wall flooring and many more. Dark black and absolute black is the perfect choice for it.   
  • Fireplace: Marblewarehouse comes up with a wide collection of various sizes and texture of black slate tiles for use at fireplaces. These black slate tiles not only provide unmatched aesthetic value but also provide good heat proofing.
  • Corridor and garage: Use Marblewarehouse’s black slate tiles for your garage and corridor as these stones are extremely durable, hard and scratch-proof, making them ideal for use at heavy traffic areas.
At Marblewarehouse we come with a huge collection of various kinds of black slate tiles ranging from various size and texture to suit the need of all. We provide doorstep delivery of these and many more at a very nominal price all over the USA.