Places where we can use Granite

Posted by Admin on 8/4/2019 to Guide for Granite Tile
Places where we can use Granite

When it comes to any construction we are always on the lookout for various types of stones which would be a part of the construction process. With so many options available it is possible that granite is what you love and wondering where all it can be used as a part of your home.

What is Granite?

Before we go into further details let us try and understand what Granite is?. Granite is basically a Quartz based stone. It comes from igneous rocks and often considered as the queen of stones for flooring purposes. You also need to note that granite is a stone which is very hard which means that it is very tough and water and stain-resistant. It has multiple uses and can be used at various other places apart from the flooring.

Batter Places where you can use Granite Tiles

Granite Flooring

As already mentioned, to begin with, granite can be used as flooring for homes. It is also very suitable for kitchen and bathroom flooring as it is water-resistant. The great thing about it is that not only it looks great but also very durable too.

Granite Table Tops

If you want to breathe in fresh life into your outdated or existing dull furniture, using granite as table tops can be a great idea indeed. If you want to add a dash of color then granites could be very ideal. You need to choose a piece of a granite slab that would match the size of the surface of your table in this case.

Granite Kitchen and Counter tops

Apart from tables, you can also use granites at your kitchen counters or for that matter any counter. This is what would help to provide the counter with a very attractive look and also is what would be very durable.

Granite Garden Edging

Along with the beautiful plants and flowers decorating your garden with some attractive granite slabs can be the perfect decoration idea. Instead of using some of the boring stone pavers using granite edging for gardens can be the best way to decorate your garden.

Granite Sinks

The use of granite is very versatile indeed. Along with other places granites could even be used in sinks. Granite sinks are made from granite dust and resin molded to create an eye-catching look for the sinks.

Granite Fire Place

When it comes to fireplaces using natural stones there is a clear winner. This is why you can use granite tiles or slabs at the mantel of the fireplace. Since granite is very hard and durable it would give a great look to the fireplace and also at the same time it can also withstand the heat there.

Shelves and storage spaces

Granite slabs could even be used at shelves and other storage places as well. You could use thin and long granite pieces to create a beautiful look for your shelves and other storage places.


As granite is the smart and super choice for any flooring option and as an oldest stone dealer in USA we always prefer granite for above option. Hope we have been able to provide you with a fair idea of where you could use granite for your home.