Places Where We Can Use Slate Tiles

Posted by Admin on 10/26/2020 to Guide for slate Tiles
Places Where We Can Use Slate Tiles
Slate tiles prove to be among the strongest standard natural flooring options around. It comes with an inherent durability and that makes it highly impervious to breaks, chips, scratches and cracks. Each slate is tested and quality approved. And regardless of where you choose to install it, Not only make that area eye-pleasing but will also last the test of time.Through this post we are sharing those area where you may install Slate tiles.

Slate tiles are always a popular choice for these space

  • Bathroom wall, floor, shower
  • Kitchen floor, counter top, and Backsplash
  • Living room floor
  • Out door like patio, Garden area, Paved walkaways
  • Swimming pool area 
  • Fire place Area

Slate Tiles in Kitchen

Slate tiles are the most widely searched and used tile for kitchen floor, counter top, and Backsplash. Though it is majorly due to its comparatively low cost with unique durability, slate tile also has some unique advantages like slate tiles have smooth texture which gives you an attractive look to your floor and Backsplash area. 
The best part of slate tile is that It has low absorption rates of water that save your floor from moisture during winter and rainy season. This is the main reason people love this tiles for Kitchen flooring option.