Montauk blue slate tile for home flooring

Posted by Admin on 8/7/2019 to Guide for slate Tiles
Montauk blue slate tile for home flooring

In list of slate tiles, blue (Montauk Blue) slate tile is famous for home interior and exterior flooring work. Slate has inherent durability and its blue combination give an extra durability to your floor so it is the best flooring choice for any flooring option. But before installing slate tiles you must check environment surrounding where it installed because slate tiles are thermal active tiles.

Blue slate tile is smooth texture and easy to install so it is cost effective and easy to clean. As we know slate tiles are naturally slip-resistant so user may install it in high traffic area of both residential and commercial property.

As Slate tiles are thermal active tile so you need to avoid it's installation in high thermal place but it is best for freezing and non-freezing environment of both exterior and interior flooring work.

Slate blue tiles are available in different size (12" x 12", 12" x 24", 16" x 16", 18" x 18", 24" x 24"), shape and pastern and you have many option to choose slate blue tile for flooring work. and as a leader of stone dealer in USA we import slate tiles or slate tiles blue (Montauk Blue) tiles from Brazil and supply it to local and nationwide.


Places Where You May Use Blue Slate Tile

Blue Slate Tile Paver

As a gorgeous natural stone you may use blue slate tile for paven option. It is appropriate for it. So without any hesitation feel free to try this tile pavers for your outdoors.

Blue Slate Tile for Patios

Patios are another area where you may use blue slate tiles for giving extra quality to your patios.

Blue Slate Tile for Bathroom

Blue slate tile is the prefect tile for bathroom flooring work because slate tiles are high slip-resistance and it's blue combination gives and extra ordinary look to your bathroom. And also as we know slate tiles are thermal active tiles so bathroom is the better place for it.

Blue Slate Tile For Kitchen

In kitchen area you may use blue slate in basin, counter top and kitchen floor.

Best way to maintain the quality of Blue slate tile

  • Must Sealing It Once in a Year
  • Wiping Off The Spills Almost Immediately
  • Never Drag Your Furniture Set When Shifting
  • Never Make Use Of Abrasive Cleaning Equipment
  • Skip Using A Vacuum Cleaner Having A Beaten Bar