Marble tile floor installation cost per square foot in USA

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Marble tile floor installation cost per square foot in USA

Before installing marble tiles on the floor, most homeowners ask contractors - “how much does a marble tile floor installation cost?”

Depending on a wide range of factors, marble tile floor installation costs range from $ 10 to $ 25 per square foot in the USA. The average cost is $ 14 per square foot for installing a marble tile floor. As we know Marble tiles are very popular for flooring for their longevity, beauty, and versatile colors and designs. Marble tiles are easily available in the market and less expensive compare to other flooring options like granite, Porcelain stone, Marble stone etc.

Installation Cost Based on Marble Types

A variety of marble tiles are available in our country like polished, honed, tumbled, etc. For these different types of marble tiles, there’re a variety of installation costs. There’s a number of other important factors that also influence marble tile floor installation costs.

This “marble tile floor installation price” guide will help you understand the overall cost factors so that you can predict your total flooring cost more efficiently. This guide includes marble tiles installation cost, installation labor cost, and also other price influencing factors.

Marble Type:

  • Grade A Marble like Calacatta Marble, Bianco Carrara Marble,Statuario Marble - Installation cost is very between $11 to $24
  • B Grade Marble like Crema Marfil Marble:Volakas Marble,Arabescato Marble  - Installation cost is very between $10 to $22
  • C Grade Marble like Caledonia Marble,French Vanilla Marble - Installation cost is very between $10 to $20                
  • Grade D Marble like starts around $9-$15 per square foot.

The Average Cost of Marble Tile Flooring

Most house owners pay from $ 11 to $ 16 per square foot for professional marble tile floor installation. This cost range includes marble tiles, installation materials, minor preparation works of the floor, and labor costs for installing the marble tiles. It doesn’t include the disposal and removal of the old floor. Preparing a new subfloor, removal of the old floor, etc. will charge you additional costs.

Cost Factors for Marble Tile Flooring

Your total marble tile flooring cost is a combination of 2 major costs – material cost and installation labor cost. Knowing these cost factors will help you choose your floor type that will fit within your budget.

Marble Material Factors

  • Marble quality – marbles are classified by the quality or grade of the stone. Rare and premium quality marble tiles cost higher than common tiles.
  • Size of tile – if the marble quality remains the same, the larger the size of the tile, the more the cost. Larger tiles made from larger marble slabs, are rarer.
  • The thickness of the tile – a variety of thicknesses available in the market. The most popular thickness type is 12mm though 6mm and 20mm thickness types are also used for flooring. The thicker tiles will cost you more if your floor is considered to be high traffic.
  • The source – the origin of the marble affects the cost. Labor costs of the mining locations and transportation costs make a big difference in the cost for differently sourced marble tiles.
  • Finishing treatment – the cost differs for finishing types like smooth, tumble, etc. If you prefer some extra treatments like textures, you’ll need to pay an extra charge.

Labor Charge Factors

  • Installation difficulty – labor cost is lesser for installing in an easier area and higher for installing in a difficult area.
  • The volume of tiles – the more tiles you’ll need to install, it will cost you lesser per square foot.
  • Tile Size – small tiles installation cost is higher than large tiles. Small tiles installation requires more energy and time.

Some Extra Costs

Hiring a professional tile installer to install marble tile flooring is the best option for most homeowners. Some homeowners try to install marble tiles themselves, but sometimes it costs more if they break tiles during installation.

Some extra costs are not included in the base installation price, these’re as follows –

  • Furniture moving – if you hire your installer to move your furniture, it will cost you some extra dollar.
  • Floor removal and disposal – for removing your old flooring and disposing of the rejected materials, you’ll get an extra bill for labor.
  • Special design – if you want an extra design in your marble tile floor like a motif, border, or any other design, you’ll have to pay extra.
  • Sub floor preparation – a solid subfloor is needed for marble tile installation. If your professional finds your sub floor isn’t properly ready, you may expect an additional cost for subfloor repairing or replacement.

Whenever you request quotes from your professionals, ask them to cover every possible costings item by item. You may ask your professional to add an item if you see any missing in your quote. In this way, you can compare estimates more accurately. MarbleWarehouse supplies all kinds of marble tiles throughout the nation with guaranteed quality and the lowest price. To get shipped your marble tiles to your doorstep, just give us a call.

Contact Marble Warehouse for any further help regarding marble tile floor installation.

FAQs related Marble tile flooring

Is marble tile more expensive to install?

No! Marble tile installation is not expensive, but marble tiles require a lot of upkeep because they are easily damaged and scratched with a lot of use and foot traffic. All of this results in some additional costs from time to time.

Are marble floors slippery?

Polished marble is unsuitable in houses with senior residents who are at risk of falling due to the slippery features of polished marble floor but to reduce this risk factor use honed marble tiles which are naturally less slippery than polished marble floors.

Which marble tiles are good for bathroom?

Better to go for white honed marble rather than slippery ones. These gorgeous looking stones are naturally water-impervious and have been used for a long time. They are appropriate for numerous decorative styles such as traditional, contemporary, classic, and so on.

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