Marble for out door flooring option

Posted by Admin on 12/30/2019 to Guide for Marble Slab
Marble for out door flooring option

In terms of outdoor flooring most of designers and house owners are getting confused while choosing the prefect stone for the space because it is an open space directly connected with climates. When we are going to select the perfect marble for this category then it becomes more confusing because marbles are easy to wear and tear it will endure. 

Today in digital age variety of options are available to decorate and renovate your out door space like patio or yard and path way but choosing one from those are the real question of all home owner. We, as an oldest leader of Stone in Los Angeles, provide total solution for home flooring both residential and commercial.  

Points to remember choosing the actual marble for out door flooring

As we know marble have some advantage and dis advantage, and in terms of out door flooring, home owner needs more serious while choosing marble tiles or slab for out door flooring. For out door flooring you may choose both polished or unpolished marble but it depends upon area where you may install it because polished marble is prone to scratches and it has high maintenance cost. You may use polished marble for temple exterior work having low traffic area. 

  • Outdoor marble comes many variants but you have pick one according to your outdoor space usage. For example, if you want flooring for your parking space you have to choose a heavy variant which might be polished and large sized also. Always remember bigger the size more luxurious the looks. On the other hand polished marble is prone to scratches and slippery which is not recommended for outdoor flooring for walking space.
  • Also Temperature of Marble varies with the seasonal temperature; In winter it becomes cold and in summer it becomes hot which makes quite difficult for walking but for parking or showpiece usage its OK.
  • Maintenance of Marble floor becomes a big factor when it comes to outdoor flooring, you have to clean with natural marble cleaner instead of cheap liquid acid to keep intact of it's looks and surface finish.

So, why to wait? Come to our showroom and choose from a blissful variety of premium quality marble variants comprising of yellow, pink, white, green, brown or black color. Our Experts will be happy to help you on choosing your perfect outdoor marble option according to your budget, requirement and purpose.