Marble Tiles Question and Answers

Posted by Admin on 7/4/2021 to Guide for Marble Tiles
Marble Tiles Question and Answers

  • Which is better, marble tiles or ceramic tiles?

Marble is more expensive than ceramic tiles. This is because ceramic tiles are man-made while marble is a natural stone which has to be mined and extracted using costly procedures. Tiles on the other hand are fare better as they can be recycled and are non-toxic. So if you looking for something that is affordable and durable surely go for ceramic tiles.

  • How thick are marble tiles?

Marble Tile thickness ranges from ¼-inch to ¾-inch for residential tiles, while commercial marble slabs can be up to 2 inches thick. Quality also varies by surface design and density.

  • Does marble tile break easily?

Even though it is stone, marble is actually a relatively soft material that can be scratched, scraped, and chipped under the wrong conditions. This is especially true if the material is polished, as the imperfections will be more noticeable in the smooth, flat solid surface. But all of that can be prevented by the surface sealer that needs to be reapplied annually after all regural maintenance is what needed. 

  • Is marble tile hard to maintain?

No, not at all marble tiles are very easy to maintain. Once installed, routine maintenance of a marble tile floor is relatively easy—it requires the same kind of sweeping and damp mopping you would do with a ceramic tile floor.

  • How long do marble floor last?

Although marble is highly durable and its maintenance is also very affordable, with regular maintenance and adequate care, marble flooring can remain intact for around 25 years.

  • Is marble better than porcelain tile?

Porcelain tiles are affordable, easy to maintain, durable, and suitable for outdoor use. Because marble is a natural, porous stone, marble tiles are better suited for interior use. When used as flooring, marble tiles should be kept in areas with low- to moderate- traffic

  • Which marble is best for flooring?

Marble was the choice of the royals for its inimitable luxury. This stone comes in numerous colours and vein patterns. Being a natural derivative, each slab is unique, with its own distinct grain. One can surely go for :-
  1.  Michelangelo Marble Tile 12x12, 
  2. Nero Canfranc ( Nero Marquina ) Marble Tile 18x18, 
  3. Emperador Dark Marble Tile Select 12x12,
  4. Rain Forest Brown ( Cafe Forest ) Polished Marble Tile 12x12 
These are one of the best marble tiles according to the recent trends.

  • Are marbles floor worth it?

Of course, why not? Natural stone marble flooring is the best choice for indoor areas like foyers, halls and bedrooms. If there is one thing that marble flooring has above all others, it is elegance. It immediately makes a room seem more upscale.

  • Is marble good for health?

Yes, Marbles are best for health and because they are naturally available and also because of their non porous nature. Instead of using any kind of artificial material like vitrified tiles and ceramic tiles we can use marble flooring since they are completely natural and best for youyr health.

  • Is marble slippery when wet?

Probably no, it completely depends on the maintenance of the marble, if the marble is maintained and are taken care properly then they are the best flooring material and will not get slippery when wet.