Marble Tiles Placement in your home

Posted by admin on 7/18/2019 to Guide for Marble Tiles
Marble Tiles Placement in your home

As we know marble tile is the perfect choice for any flooring option but there are some space in residential or commercial property that are better shoot for these marble flooring tiles. So if you want to know the prefect placement of marble tile in your home then follow this blog or even call our expert to get better idea about marble tiles and it’s placement in your home.

Compare to other natural stone marble is very popular which is used for tiles and slab both. Today home owner don’t know the actual placement of marble or other tiles in his home and due to this they use marble tiles for different purpose like floor, counter tops, Kitchen and wall flooring. They also don’t know the drawback of marble. So as a long runner on this track we always guide our customer to choose prefect tiles for prefect places.

Through this post I am going to describe about marble tiles selection and it’s placement in your home.

Places where you may use Marble Tile

Marble Tiles placement in Kitchens

Marble tile is the best flooring choice for modular kitchen because marble tiles give exclusive look to your kitchen. Due to its smoothness and shiny look your floor looks more elegant than any other tile. That is the main region that designer always choose marble tile for kitchen flooring. But numbers of home owners and designer getting confuse while going to choose tiles for kitchen. So always keep in mind marble tiles are the best for kitchen but from your end you need to maintain it’s quality by doing few cleaning activity.

Marble Tile Placement in Bathroom

Porcelain tiles and Ceramic tiles are ideal for bathroom but apart it marble tile is the secondary option for bathroom flooring. Marble tile is the respected option for bathroom flooring. It is also longevity if it instilled properly but you need an extra care while maintaining its quality. So without any hesitation you may use marble tiles for your bathroom. You may use other tiles for your bathroom like ceramic tiles, glass tiles, stone tiles, Plastic Laminated tiles and many more. These are the smart option for bathroom flooring.

Marble tile placement Foyers

Foyer is the main attraction of every home and if you want to make it more attractive to give high attention for visitors then you may use marble tiles for this space. There are mingle of option and color variation of marble tiles which you may choose for your foyer. At the same time you need to give extra care while installing and maintaining the quality of marble tile.

Marble Tile placement in Hallways

Hallway are also a most overlooked area of a house so If you are want to give more attraction to your hallway then marble tile will fix your choice but before choosing marble tile for your hallway first take few samples of marble tile to get a better idea as to how it will relevant with your rest your home decor.

Marble Tile Placement in Living room

For Living room flooring marble tiles is the first and primary option for home owner because marble tiles are famous for its elegance and beauty which gives the real value of your home. Today you can find mingle decorative option to choose marble tiles for your living room, bathroom, kitchen or counter top because marble tiles are live in various patterns, veins and shades which will help you to give a better look to your living room.

In market you can find multi option for your living room flooring like slate, granite, silestone, limestone, porcelain etc but believe or not among these parameters, marble tiles are leads to first in this image game. So if you are looking to choose best tiles for your living room/gallery then must choose marble tiles. To get more idea for stone selection you may call our help desk. We are moving on this track for last 20 years and stone is our passion.

Marble Tiles For Stairs

Marble (along with granite) are probably the most common stone times used for staircases. Marble stones provide undeniable elegance, refinement, and durability. They can be carved into various shapes to form a beautiful looking staircase. Fortunately, in terms of marble tile options for stairs available to users, there are no shortages of quality options to choose from.

Each comes with its unique appearance and aesthetic appeal. And on installing it, they can lend a distinctive look to your staircase.White marble are travertine two very popular options for most homeowners. And they most certainly will fit into your staircase remodelling rather well. However, if you want to go for other options, then you can easily browse through our marble tile collection and get what you’re looking for.