Living room marble tiles which you may use in your flooring option

Posted by Admin on 11/5/2019 to Guide for Marble Tiles
Living room marble tiles which you may use in your flooring option

For Living room flooring marble tiles is the first and primary option for home owner because marble tiles are famous for its elegance and beauty which gives the real value of your home. Today you can find mingle decorative option to choose marble tiles for your living room, bathroom, kitchen or counter top because marble tiles are live in various patterns, veins and shades which will help you to give a better look to your living room.

In market you can find multi option for your living room flooring like slate, granite, silestone, limestone, porcelain etc but believe or not among these parameters, marble tiles are leads to first in this image game. So if you are looking to choose best tiles for your living room/gallery then must choose marble tiles. To get more idea for stone selection you may call our help desk. We are moving on this track for last 20 years and stone is our passion.

List of few option which is better for Living room flooring

Alba Chiara (Persian Green) Marble Tile

This is one of the most chosen marble tiles, for the texture in the marble looks graceful at the same time subtle giving the room a very appealing look. Also, it comes in a high variation. As for the slab details, it is 12”x12” in size, has a thickness of 3/8”, and a weight of 6lbs. An average price per square feet is $7 - $8.

Avorio Aria Marble Tile:

This type of medium variation marbles is common among those who have a small to medium living room floor to cover. The design in it makes your room look more airy and spacious. As for the price, it comes around $8-$9 for every piece of 4 sq. feet which weigh about 48lbs and also has a size and thickness of 24”x24” and 3/4” respectively.

Bianco Carrara Marble Tile

This is a rather beautiful and blended textured kind of marble tile. The best feature is that these medium variation tiles will look elegantly almost in every type and size of rooms. Each piece or square feet comes with a size of 12”x12” along with a weight of 6lbs and a thickness of 3/8”. Each slab costs around $7.50-$8.50.

Botticino Fiorito Marble Tile

This 18”x18” sized high variation marble tile can be a very apt choice for those who are fond of self-designs. In this 18lbs weighing slab, the pattern is quite eye-catching, which will become more prominent when put together, in a room. The expense of this piece with a thickness of 1/2” on an average is $7-$8.

Calacatta Chiara Marble Tile:

The preference of this medium variation tile over others becomes justified because of casual yet very enticing work of design. Each of these pieces which cover 0.5 sq. feet weighs around 6lbs as well as carries a thickness of 3/8”. This slab of 12”x6” will spend your $6-$7 only.

Each of these marble tiles is of ‘polished’ finish. While some are from other countries like China, India, etc. most of them hail from the famous country – Italy. There are many more, but these are the best you can choose.