List of Best Granite Floor Tile at MarbleWarehouse

Posted by Admin on 5/5/2019 to Guide for Granite Tile
List of Best Granite Floor Tile at MarbleWarehouse

Granite is always a great choice for domestic and commercial flooring choice due to its stain resistant and durability. Also, due to its smart durability and color variation its cost are always higher than other stone. But as a leading brand on this domain we always guide our customer to choose granite floor tile for flooring option because its resale value are always deeper, and it and it also decorates your personality.

List of Best Selling Granite Tiles at MarbleWarehouse

We are long runner on this domain, and we place our identity in country wide of USA. In current date I track our sell, and we found slight growth in Granite tile sell. I am going to list that granite tile orderly.

Blue Pearl Granite Tile – We got the highest order of Blue Pearl Granite Tile on this month. It is really a smart choice for wall flooring. The splendid color and tough durability make this blue pearl granite unique. Bring all eyes to our blue granite tile which we directly imported from Italy and supply it to local and National USA market. The price of blue granite tiles is range between $7 to $10 depending on its size and shape but as the oldest dealer we release this tile at low cost from market. You may compare our cost and quality from other site.

Crema Bordeaux Granite –It is the most popular granite which is famous for Kitchen, counter top and other flooring. We receive high traffic to this granite slab. We bring to you original Crema Bordeaux granite slabs from Brazil of various sizes. It is also available on affordable cost from the market. 

Ubatuba Granite Tile - Ubatuba Granite Tile is a unique color choice for flooring option. This is the best granite tile which we directly import from Brazil and China. The minimum cost of this tile is $6 but it may increase if size will increase.

Kashmir White Granite Tile -It is a predominantly white granite stone with a bright appearance. It looks neat and uniform from distance, but its real beauty comes out at a closer look. We import this granite tile from India and supply it to US national and local market. You may choose this premium Kashmir White Granite tile from our online store for your flooring option. The price of this tile is depending upon its shape and size. Its lowest cost is $6. Review our online store for price details.

Italian Rosa Beta Granite Tile – This is my favourite granite tile, its beauty always attract me for any flooring need. Italian Rosa Beta is the kind of pink granite tile which has smooth and uniform texture. As the name says, it is primarily pink granite with small white and Gray patches, giving a clear and bright appearance. 

This stone is famous for counter tops, monuments, mosaic, fountains, pool and furniture flooring option both for exterior and interior. So if you want to go little different from the traditional colours and textures of usual granite then absolutely Italian Rosa Beta Granite Tile is the best choice for you. For price calculation you may visit our store.