Is granite tile a better option for staircase?

Posted by Admin on 7/16/2020
Is granite tile a better option for staircase?
Staircase is one of the most used regions of a building, be it an apartment or an office. Stair case is the most used regions and is therefore susceptible to most wear and tear. Thus when it comes to choosing a tile for the staircase, one must choose the most durable one. Granite tile is the most preferred tile these days when it comes for use in staircases.

Advantage of Granite tiles for Staircase

It is majorly due to the fact that granite is one of the most strong and durable flooring material. Not only is it resistant to minor cracks, wear and tear, but is also resistant to minor chemical accidents. It is not easily denatured in presence of harmful chemicals. However being more porous in nature compared to ceramic flooring it can get stained in presence of major chemical leaks. To overcome this issue, one must always use honed granite tiles, which are much more chemically resistant than the normal variety.

Disadvantage While using it for Staircase

In spite of having such major advantages, one of the most common drawbacks of granite flooring is it slippery nature. This can be a major issue for use in staircase. Thus the variety of granite needs to be carefully chosen. Honed granite tiles come to rescue in this case as well. This variety is preferred due to its lesser slippery nature. This therefore becomes easier to use as it is comparatively less prone to accidents.

Options in Granite tiles for Staircase

Apart from all these advantages, granite tiles are a preferred and better option for staircases for aesthetic reasons as well. Granite tiles are available in various colour variants, providing you with many options to choose from in accordance to your taste and preference. The black, green and blue varieties are however the most loved and used ones. However you can always choose any other variety in accordance to your decoration and location. 

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