Is Slate tiles Appropriate For Outdoor Flooring?

Posted by Admin on 5/31/2019 to Guide for slate Tiles
Is Slate tiles Appropriate For Outdoor Flooring?

A common question which many homeowners tend to ask is:- Is Slate tiles Appropriate For Outdoor Flooring? The answer to this is- YES. However, if you wish to install them for your outdoor flooring purposes, then there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

  • Slate tiles can be installed for flooring only on a durable surface much like concrete or mounted plywood floor. They don’t work great on sand, dirt and even grass.
  • If you do opt for a plywood surface, then you should ensure it is approximately 1/2 inch thick and of an exterior grade. Furthermore; you need to ensure that the mortar is able to handle all sorts of temperature changes. Top options to go with are latex mortar or acrylic mortar.

Outdoors Slate Tiles : Digging Deeper

Slate Tiles For Your Paver

As a gorgeous natural stone flooring option, slate tiles add texture and color to the landscape thus accentuating its appeal and function. As an appropriate paver option; you can opt for grey, black, purple and green shades. As for the type; you ought to choose non-slippery, durable slate tiles having a cleft surface.

Most homeowners go with a mini malistic slate tile design like Brazilian Burgundy cleft slate tile, Montauk black cleft slate. And they do appear nice and inviting. So, feel free to try out these subtle yet eye-pleasing slate pavers for your outdoors.

Slate Tiles For Your Patios

Patios are another area where slate tiles serve flooring utility. They can be installed just like flagstones, and as per the rule-of-thumb; you will need to dig approximately 4-6 inches of rough gravel and stone to create a stable concrete patio surface.

Once that is done; you will also need to add 2-4 inches of the stacked sand layer on top of the surface with off-course the appropriate depth required for the slate tile thickness. Once everything is installed; you can fill in the gaps between the slate tiles slabs using sand.

Popular options include Brazilian Multicolour Cleft slate pattern tiles, Indian Autumn cleft slate tiles, Indian French Vanilla Cleft slate tile, Ostrich Gray Gauged Slate tiles, California Gold Slate tiles, Indian Multicolour Slate tiles and Brazilian blue slate tiles (cleft).

Slate Tiles For Concrete Deck Constructions

If you aim to achieve a concrete deck construction, then you can use slate tiles on its existing concrete surfaces such as decks, patios, stairs and sidewalks.

Popular choices include Brazilian black (Montauk Black), Brazilian Multicolor (San Rio Rustic) as well as Brazilian Jade Green cleft tiles, etc.

However; you will need to repair and repatch any existing cracks and weak spots on the concrete surface first. And after the surface is prepped properly, then you can easily proceed with the tile installation.

However, Proper Upkeep Is Essential

Your responsibility as a homeowner doesn’t end with installing the slate tiles. To keep it looking spic-and-span throughout the year; you also need to maintain the quality of Slate tiles.

  • Add proper water-barrier sealant as per your slate tile.
  • Request your tiling expert to add a non-yellowish protection finish to prevent weathering and fading.
  • When cleaning the surface, never use cleaners which consist of acid, or any form of abrasive cleaning substances to prevent scratches and scrapes on the tile surface. For proper results; you ought to mix 1/4 cups of mild detergent or preferably a quality slate tile cleaner with 2 gallons of water. And once cleaned, allow the surface to dry off completely.

Following these steps will ensure your exterior slate tiles withstands the test of time and weather continues to ooze its natural shine.