How to optimise the price of Marble Slab

Posted by Admin on 2/3/2021 to Guide for Marble Slab
How to optimise the price of Marble Slab

Marble slabs are talking stones that talk about many things - history, memory, arts, value, dynasties, and many more. Like stories of marbles, with marbles’ different types, the prices vary widely.

Marble slabs have been used since the ancient era for creating historical artworks. Using marbles for home decoration represents your taste and dignity. Marbles increase your house’s beauty and elegance in an everlasting manner.

Key factors that influence the price of marble slab

There’re some key factors that differentiate the price of the same type of marble slabs and tiles drastically. Whenever you decide to buy marbles tiles or slab for your home decoration, you’ll need some knowledge of the key pricing factors of marble.

Manufacturing Place

The place of origin performs a significant role in the pricing of marble slab. A marble that’s quarried from a nearer rock from the site location will be less costly than that’s originated from afar one. The equation is very simple, the greater the distance, the higher the price. As marble is a heavyweight material, the transportation and handling costs make a big pricing difference to reach your location.

Type of Marble

The pricing of the marbles slab widely varies depending on the types of marble materials. Some marbles price higher due to their quality. For example, Carrara marble is priced higher for its beauty and fine quality. Marquina marble is very rare and not readily available. Hence, Marquina marble commands a premium price for its rare availability.

Design of Marble

The craftsmanship and design also affect the pricing of the marble slabs. The edge design costs you higher if you ask for special craftsmanship for a better appearance.

Finish of Marble

Finishing is also one of the important factors that impacts the cost of marble slabs. A variety of finishes available. For example, a honed finish exposes the natural beauty of the marble, a polished finish creates luster on the marble surface.

Thickness of Marble

The thickness of the marble slabs impacts the price. Though the normal and mostly used thickness is 3 mm, a little thicker 5 mm is also available according to customers’ demand. The thicker you choose for your decoration, the higher you’ll need to pay.

Installation of Marble

Installation is the final and most important factor of your marble work. It doesn’t make any sense if you compromise installation quality. The installation gives your marble decor the final touch and timeless beauty. Quality installation is expensive and most important. Make sure you choose a trusted and reputed installer for your work.

Now, you know how to optimise the price of the marble slabs. Your knowledge of marble pricing gives you a complete idea about your total costing for your home decoration so that you can predict your budget. For more learning and customised quotation for your marble work, contact us.