Guide to fix the grout cracking between counter and backsplash

Posted by Admin on 3/25/2021 to Flooring Guide
Guide to fix the grout cracking between counter and backsplash

Cracking between counter and backsplash is one of the most common problems in the marble and tile industry. An area where tiles meet at different planes (joint of planes) is very prone to crack. It might be a floor or wall, or a counter and backsplash, or many other places.

A grout cracking between counter and backsplash occurs mainly for movement caused by contraction and expansion of the tiles. The tiles of the counter and the tiles of the backsplash are installed in different planes and their movement rates are different. Hence, a slight crack often occurs at the joint part of the counter and backsplash due to their independent and separate contraction and expansion.

How to Fix the Grout Cracking Between Counter and Backsplash

You don’t need to necessarily worry about your grout cracking between the backsplash and counter. It’s a very common and easily fixable issue in the marble and tiles industry.

The simplest option to fix this grout cracking is to use silicone caulk in the joining space. Silicone caulk can seal the crack and also adjust the movement of the tiles with its flexibility. A silicone caulk also protects water from entering the crack for further damage.

It’s highly recommended to call a professional tiles installer to fix this issue correctly and efficiently. However, it’s not possible to eliminate the grout cracking entirely, you can easily alleviate your grout cracking by applying silicone caulk in the grout joint.

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