Guide for small bathroom flooring to look bigger and exclusive

Posted by Admin on 1/5/2020 to Flooring Guide
Guide for small bathroom flooring to look bigger and exclusive
Bathrooms tend to be one of the smallest rooms in the home but after a long day, you need a peaceful and calm bathroom to relax while cleansing yourself. A short bath in a pleasing bath space also helps you to detoxify mentally. That is why it’s vital to create a bathroom that’s both spacious and relaxing.

But what about the case when you don’t have a bigger spacious bathroom. Don’t worry. We’ve came up with some of our highly effective tips for making your bathroom look and feel bigger, no matter how small it is.

Here I am sharing top 7 tips to look your bathroom bigger and exclusive

1.Painting Work

A clean, simple paint of natural shades like sky blue, pastel yellow or off-white and beige will instantly make your bathroom appear bigger and exclusive. Paint your ceiling with the same colour as the walls and this seamless appearance throughout the entire space will cover the smaller defects. But if you want to a slight amount of contrast then pick the lighter colour for the ceiling.

2.Tiling Work in Bathroom-

In these types of tiling job remember following things.
  • The position of tile- Always try to install the same tiles throughout your bathroom, all the way up to the ceiling. This way, you can eliminate the horizontal dividing lines on your walls, which will help to look your ceiling higher.
  • Size of the floor tile- Use the reverse trick of horizontal line in the case floor tile. If your bathroom is long and narrow, you need to add the horizontal lines to give the impression of more width. Install horizontal floor tiles to widen the space and make it look less clumsy. Most importantly use large sized tiles because only installing these large sized tiles long horizontal lines could be created.
  • Shade of the tile-choosing a large, plain-coloured tile will give the impression of more floor space and a cleaner, less cluttered look.
  • Colour uniformity of paint and tile-If your bathroom is partially tiled, then paint the rest of the wall space the same colour as your tiles. This trick will eliminate the dividing lines which can occur where the tiles end by which the room appear less spacious. Using grout of the same colour as your tiles also helps to create a more unified appearance. You can have a look of our exclusive collection of tiles and marbles.

3.Natural Light in Bathroom -

Natural light reflecting on light shaded wall colour or tiles makes the room look brighter and spacey. If you have a small window then a skylight or a solar tunnel can bring more natural light into the room without breaching our privacy.

4.Mirror Glass in Bathroom-

Placing a well sized and strategically placed mirror plays a major role on lightening up the room.
  • Size-Nothing makes a bathroom feel grander than a mirror reaches to the ceiling lighting installed on top of it, or hanging in front of it, will double the light's impact and make the space brighter.
  • Position- One great idea is to place mirrors across from a window within the room. Because the mirrors are good for its reflection. Doing so will make it visually seem like you have two windows in the same space.


Building shelves into the walls is practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. It widens the space in your bathroom as nothing is protruding from the walls which also keeps the lines unbroken, making the room look even larger.


Go for a wall mounted commodes. It will increase the elegance of your bathroom and consume a lesser space.


A pedestal basin creates more floor space due to its narrow size which makes it an ideal option for a small bathroom. So, pick a light coloured pedestal basin according to your taste.


So, what next? Trying to mugging up things? you can call our experts who will be happy to give you an idea customised for your bathroom on a pocket friendly budget. Eventually you might end up having some never seen before deals after the consultation.